Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Balloons and a sweet, sweet family...

Is it just me, or do balloons make you happy?  

And Miss Molly when I brought out the balloons...wow, her face lit up.  Right to her beautiful blue eyes.    Wish I didn't have my hands full of balloons because her expression...priceless. 

This whole session was just a happy time for me.  Beautiful big trees, green grass and a super fun couple with their beautiful daughter.  My job (ha, makes me laugh to say that because I have way too much fun) was easy and relaxed. 

Jaci and Molly had such a sweet special connection.  I enjoyed watching them laugh and run around together...and yes, Jaci ran around in her high heels...what a cool mom.  Terry surprised me half way through our session and told me that he used to be a photographer.  YIKES.  But he just laughed.  And put me right back at ease...something tells me thats a good skill to have in a photographer.  ;p 

This session, well, I will forever remember sweet Molly's face...her expression of happiness...melts my heart to do such a small thing for a little girl.   Enjoy our pics from that morning...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Flowers...because, just because

Pleasure - By Charlotte Bronte
A Short Poem or Else Not Say I

True pleasure breathes not city air,
Nor in Art's temples dwells,
In palaces and towers where
The voice of Grandeur dwells.

No! Seek it where high Nature holds
Her court 'mid stately groves,
Where she her majesty unfolds,
And in fresh beauty moves;

Where thousand birds of sweetest song,
The wildly rushing storm
And hundred streams which glide along,
Her mighty concert form!

Go where the woods in beauty sleep
Bathed in pale Luna's light,
Or where among their branches sweep
The hollow sounds of night.

Go where the warbling nightingale
In gushes rich doth sing,
Till all the lonely, quiet vale
With melody doth ring.

Go, sit upon a mountain steep,
And view the prospect round;
The hills and vales, the valley's sweep,
The far horizon bound.

Then view the wide sky overhead,
The still, deep vault of blue,
The sun which golden light doth shed,
The clouds of pearly hue.

And as you gaze on this vast scene
Your thoughts will journey far,
Though hundred years should roll between
On Time's swift-passing car.

To ages when the earth was yound,
When patriarchs, grey and old,
The praises of their god oft sung,
And oft his mercies told.

You see them with their beards of snow,
Their robes of ample form,
Their lives whose peaceful, gentle flow,
Felt seldom passion's storm.

Then a calm, solemn pleasure steals
Into your inmost mind;
A quiet aura your spirit feels,
A softened stillness kind.

She says it so much better than I could...but flowers, mountains, the sea...they simply make me happy.  Enjoy some pics of my garden...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dancing in the rain...

Natasha called me about a month ago to set up a photo session for her family and her extended family flying in for the week. They were seriously, a funny, laid back and cool family. They brought crazy props and made me laugh...hard.

So lets see, this photo session, how to describe...lots of laughter, running around chasing two very energetic boys, making forts out of sticks, shaking off crazy red ants, a couch in the field, um, really long mustaches (seriously funny stuff) and then the rain rolled in... 

Not just a drop or two...but buckets and buckets of rain.  We all made a dash for the trees.  I was wondering if Natasha and Mike would be willing to try pics in the rain...and they were game.  Completely running around, dancing, laughing...it was a moment and I loved being a part of it.  To me the rain adds drama, romance and really in my opinion,  an instant cool factor.  ;p  I'm thinking my hubby better get ready to take pics next time it rains around here.

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sarah - Class of 2011 - Cheyenne Mountain

Sarah....loves running.  I mean really loves it.
I asked her, so what was the mileage for your last run...she says, "oh, about 13 miles this morning."  Jaw drops and I'm thinking and here she is looking like she could run another 13 miles and is hanging with me without falling over.

I loved this photo session...because there was just a relaxed feeling to it.  Sarah and her Mom, Lisa made me laugh a lot...both of them so fun to be around.  Trying out things and they so let me bring this sweet new chair.  Sarah, would totally hang out in the grass with ants crawling over her and still smile that beautiful smile...because yes, I saw that it could be cool.  And I still have bites over my ankles.  So worth it to me. ;p 

Sarah is also a twin...yes, you might remember Joanna in one of my previous sessions, http://elizabeth-ann-photography.blogspot.com/2010/07/joanna.html. I got to hang out with the two of them together for part of Sarah's session.  Watching twins...I don't know why but as I watched them I looked for the mysteriousness that seems to follow the thought of twins.  You know what I'm talking about.  I didn't notice anything unusual about the two of them...but I did notice that they are close.  I mean, best friends.  A part of eachother's life and a support to one another.  The family dynamic that some take for granted...they obviously don't. 

So, this sweet family, particularly the girls, will remain some of my favorite moments in photography this year.  Really looking forward to cheering them on this year!  Congrats to you and enjoy your beautiful last year as a senior! 

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How about some photos from that beautiful night...


Saturday, August 07, 2010

Wes - Class of 2011 - Palmer Ridge High School

Wes...I was impressed from the minute I met him.  Something about the way he carries himself. 

He chose the location and I feel it fit him perfectly.  An old bridge covered in grafitti...a beautiful waterfall.  Amazing and unique at the same time.  The day was beautiful until the shoot was to take place, of course.  The thunder rolled in and I felt it added to the location that much more.  Rain, grafitti, rock climbing, um, me clutching the bridge for dear life while saying to Wes, oh yeah, no problem I can so get this shot.  I was cracking myself up the whole time.  I admit during this shoot my heart might have been beating SUPER fast because of the spots he wanted...but I could see the vision he saw in some of the shots...and I agree they were "sick" ... his words.  And I now think thats my favorite for things I love.  Thats just sick.  ;p 

There is something about this age...I've mentioned it before...I have a sense of curiosity for highschool seniors.  I wonder where they will be 10 years from now.  Its such a huge and amazing year...the anticipation, maybe thats what I love about this year for them.  Its just exciting to me.

Wes, is funny, kind, crazy and cool...so yeah, I def had a fun time during this shoot.  So enjoy some of our shots from that night...