Monday, February 28, 2011

Colorado Springs Photographer - Kris and Hayley

As I sit and write, rewrite, try it again...nope not coming up with the perfect words to describe this session.  These two and what they mean to me.  I just can't seem to say it right. 

But Kris, she is my person you could say.  The one I call for in my moments of "what was I thinking" or someone to laugh with, shop with, cry with, and I know without a doubt she loves my babies like they were part of her family.  Her daughter, Hayley, my sweet little Hayley.   I love her, spoil her and want to be near her.  Hayley has such a sweet face and in her beautiful blue eyes that express her happiness...I just can't help but smile along with this sweet girl. 

So to be able to capture this time for her...well, I wanted to and I felt blessed too.    Its that sweet new baby growing inside her...I love that sweet little baby all ready.  I can't wait to hold her, hug her and smell that sweet newborn smell.   Kris, beautiful and sweet.  A woman made to be pregnant.  So beautiful and that glow that you talk about...she radiated from with in.  I could see her happiness, the curiosity about who her new little one would be.  I could see Hayley's excitement at being a big her sweet new love for her baby sister. 

So happy and excited for you and your family Kris!  Love you...

Friday, February 25, 2011

Colorado Springs Photographer - Scott and Jenny

Jenny and I had been emailing each other back and forth for about a month.  She was looking to do a photo shoot with train tracks.  And I personally LOVE train tracks.  Why?  Because to me they are just a bit risky.  Even though this train track is hardly ever used, you always wonder when, if, a train will go flying by.  What can I say...I'm a girl who loves living on the edge.  ;p  But I also love them for all the beautiful leading lines it offers. 

Well, I felt we got really lucky in that a train did come.  Wish I brought my tripod.  BUT they held really still...of course gazing into each other's eyes and being in love is really not a hardship.  So, loved the movement of the train behind if time stops for them and moves for the rest.  The romantic in me you could say.  Scott and Jenny have been married for 5 years, love to travel, love to laugh and def. enjoy each others company.  

This shoot was fun for me.  Because I got to goof my dorky side.  What, I know...its pretty much always showing.  Scott and Jenny laughed right along and came up with some really cool and unique ideas for shots.  Its sessions like these... that show me...I enjoy being a photographer, I enjoy meeting new people and I enjoy the challenge of seeing the world through a camera.  FUN!  Thank you so much for such a fun time Scott and Jenny!  Enjoy some of our pics! 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Colorado Springs Photographer - Beautiful

Ashley...she is one of those people that stuns you.  Yes, she is striking with her long blonde hair and beautiful brown eyes.  What is so fun about her is that she is so laid back, funny and such a sweet mother to her daughter Rylie.  And Rylie, oh yes, she is SO adorable.  Not only is she just as striking as her mother but she was wanting to RUN, play with rocks...even though I brought pretty things, it did not hold a candle to rocks.  ;p  Rylie also, absolutely ADORED her mother.  So fun to watch the two of them interact. Beautiful to me. 

Ashley wanted to send these pics off to her man.  Stationed in some part of Iraq.  I have gotten to meet such amazing women, their families and their hubbies through this job of mine.  And I'm so thankful for each and every one of them.  I love the strength, the courage and the happiness that I've seen.   And the sweet reminders to do fun things like Ashley is doing for your loved ones. 

Thank you so much for such a fun afternoon!  The sun, the mountains, a beautiful mother and her sweet little girl...equals...well see for yourself. ;p 

Friday, February 18, 2011

Colorado Springs Photographer - Two sweet girls and their beautiful mother

I so, loved this session.  To me timing is everything.  Part of the reason I schedule sessions close to that soft warm light that it gives.  I love how the light kisses everything it touches.  Yes, I am totally saying that.  But its true, its romantic, its sweet and innocent at the same time.  For me, this is the ideal time to shoot every time. 

This family, well they wanted to surprise their daddy and hubby with some pictures for him.  He has to work away from home and what a great idea!  The girls loved playing around...running around, drawing shapes and animals in the sand.   I loved their sweet shy smiles that they would give me.  And let me just tell you...their mom...WOW.  Beautiful.  I admit to being envious of her curly short hair.  Funky, unique and stunning.  That's how I would describe her. 

Colorado, I love the backdrop of the beautiful pikes peak behind them.  The fences...leading you right to it.  What a beautiful and sweet time for me!  Enjoy some of our pics that afternoon!

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Orange Grove and my sweet nieces

I got a text a couple of weeks ago from my niece Lanie..."Can you do our pic's when you come out for our b-day present" um.... YES YES YES.  You will see in the photos below that these girls are just crazy beautiful and all sorts of fun. 
                                                              I simply love them. 

I have SO many memories with them...and most of them when they were super little. The bummer to being a bit further away. But one memory in particular, dancing to Shakira while holding Lanie who was probably about 18 months at the time.  I might have gone a bit crazy dancing around the house...but she had the sweetest laugh.  I still remember Kate's face (my sister and Lanie's mom)...not sure if she should stop me or just go with it. 

With Josie, having her WANT me to do her hair.  Oh yes, this might have happened.  I would put only about 500 million little butterfly clips while she just sat there watching me and thinking I'm just the coolest.  Fast forward to now...she is ALMOST 15...and I'm thinking...where did all the time go.  Anyway, she happens to be AMAZING at doing hair and I kind of wish I asked her to do mine...

Both of these  Happiness. Silly. Beautiful. Kind. Crazy. Funny. Sweet.  Just a few words to describe a bit of their personalities.  Like I said,    L.O.V.E. them.   I really just enjoy hanging out with them.  Whether its going to one of Josie's soccer games, hearing about their school activities or watching them interact with my babies (ps. they just might be the most AMAZING teenager baby sitter's I've ever seen). 

These photos...they make me smile...for a couple of reasons.  The first one, well, its snowing outside and these pictures just make me think of sunshine so...yes, bring on the smiles.  And number two, alone time with my crazy super cool nieces.  And that to me is priceless...Enjoy some of our pics from that afternoon.