Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Denver Family Photographer - Jim, Rory, Avery and Preston

 Love. Yes, Love this sweet family. They are so happy and kind. Sounds weird to say it like that...but there is simply a genuine kindness that I feel when I'm with them. And Avery and Preston...I was able to photograph them last year and its SO fun to see how much they have grown. Preston, all I had to do to get him to smile was clap my hands and talk in a VERY high voice and his face would just light up. I might end up looking REALLY weird but it gets the photo right? ;p And Miss Avery, ah, she stole my heart. Loved how she talked about Snow White and the seven dwarfs. Or how she LOVED twirling like a ballerina...she is pure sweetness. And I so enjoyed watching this family love on each other. Enjoy just a few pics from our session!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Colorado Springs Family Photographer - Jason, Katie, Ezra and Joyelle

Classic.  Yes, there was something completely classic and timeless about this family.  Possibly the red wagon and the location helped in making me feel that way.  But this family in how they loved on each other and enjoyed being together made also added to that feeling. 

One of my favorite things about being a photographer is watching a daddy love on his babies.  Or a sweet child laugh up at their mom...its that emotion that I really love to capture and makes me smile after their session.  Happiness... 

Enjoy a few pics from such a sweet family.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Waterfalls, trails, gorgeous sun and a sweet engagement - {preview of Mindy and Jay}

Just spent a BEAUTIFUL morning in the mountains.  Surrounded by the changing season, a sweet waterfall and a gorgeous couple who just happens to be crazy in love.  

So, I couldn't resist showing you just a few pics, for now...more to come...I promise.  ;p 

Friday, October 21, 2011

Colorado Springs Family Photographer - Chad, Jill, Rachel, Lindsey and sweet Abby!

Imagine, tons of laughter...running, wrestling (um not me) and a family who honestly loves each other.  Seriously, this family makes me smile.  I absolutely LOVE the way Chad and Jill would crack jokes the whole time...witty.  Yes, they are both extremely witty and it was pure fun to just hang out and enjoy this gorgeous afternoon. 
Timing was far as seasons go.  I think this might have been the best display of fall for Colorado that I've seen in a long time.  Love the warm colors in the trees.  Makes me miss my home town. 

Enjoy a few pics from that sweet day...

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Denver Newborn Photographer - Tanner - 5 days new!

Sweet love...yes, this sweet little boy.  Loved him...loved his adorable cheeks.  5 days old and I am in love.  What a beautiful family and from the time I got there to the time I left they made me feel at home and were so easy to work with.  And Tanner, he might have fought me in the sleeping department but he couldn't resist some of my tricks.  ;p  Never ever underestimate the power of a space heater.  Yup, works like a charm. 
Enjoy a few pics from that beautiful morning...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Colorado Springs Family Photographer - Matt, Camille, Brit and Eliza

Oh my goodness...LOVE this family.  I've mentioned before that I have a thing for sweet southern accents...and this family did not disappoint.  Soft southern drawl you could say.  I always wanted that...

This session, so sweet and at the perfect time of day to add what is the best tool in my camera bag..the light.  Natural sweet sunshine.  I am always curious as to why photographer's would use flash in a beautiful natural setting where the sun just wraps around your client.  As my Dad would say, different isn't better or worse...just different.  psst...if you are a flash user I highly recommend giving that gorgeous sun a chance.  ;p 

Eliza, I was able to capture her sweet newborn photos and this sweet little girl has been a thing of beauty since day one.  And I was so excited to capture her sweet 6 month pics!  Such a delicate feminine looking baby...and the way she would giggle when Camille would tickle her toes or smile at Matt when he would lift her up...or even Brit, okay so she might have enjoyed pulling on her hair but that is a major sign of love.  Brit would just smile and continue to make Eliza laugh.  Oh, and if you notice that sweet ring on Eliza...that was Camille's ring when she was a little girl.  Such a beautiful gift and ring to pass on to each generation. 
But Brit, yes, she is pure gorgeous.  Loved watching her...the way she would be so helpful or talk to her family.  Really, that sweetness is what captivated me with her. 

So here are a few pics from that sweet evening! 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Colorado Springs Photographer - Haley, Sam and Kona

Kona, beautiful chocolate lab and a sweet couple.  Yes, Kona made me laugh...every time I would try and take Sam and Haley's pics by themselves...she would bark as if to say um, hello, I'm not in the picture.  She is so obviously their baby and it was fun for me to see a different family dynamic. 
Haley and Sam...guess what?!  They are high school sweethearts...the best part is Sam was crushing on Haley in Jr. High.   But Haley made him wait a few years before she said yes.  I love that...the fact that they found each other young and are still loving on each other now.  Its that romantic in me that just thinks there is such a thing as soul mates. 
So here are a few pics from that gorgeous late afternoon...

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Colorado Springs Photography - Holiday Mini's

So, I just want to say...that I pretty much LOVE what I do.  And I love my clients.  Sept through December are CRAZY town busy for me.  And I love it....and I realized I'm saying LOVE a lot.  But you get the idea...there is a lot of love going around. 

I am going to be hosting two days of Holiday Mini Sessions.  On November 27th and December 3rd.  I've selected 4 different locations...If there is more interest in one location than I can adjust that. 

the details
10 edited photos on a hi-resolution CD
20 minute session (nice and short...)
For the sweet price of 100.00 (normally 125.00...yes, I'm feeling Christmas in October)

the really cool details
I am giving away 2 mini for November 27th and one for December 3rd.  Yes, free!

the fine print...well, there should always be a few rules to follow:
1. you actually have to book your spot in the select time (see photo below) (if you are just voting for your friend then just leave a comment for them) email me at to book your spot
2. winner will be selected using a really cool program called
3. HOW TO WIN (yes, I know you probably skimmed to this part) ;p Need to share this with your friends and fam...they can vote ONE TIME I said that in my school voice.  Have them leave a comment on THIS post with your name.  The idea is, the more peeps who love you and the more they share with your name the more likely you are able to be selected by Cool huh? 
4. I love me some facebook peeps...yes, I do.  Have them like my fb page. I'll even leave a link to make it nice and easy
Elizabeth Ann Photography 

5. WINNER will be announced next Thursday October 20, 2011

Oh and one more thing...this is in NO way endorsed by Facebook.  Just sayin...I think I'm required to say that.  ;p 

Colorado Springs Family photographer - Maggie and her sweet boys!

Loved this session...the location.  Its beautiful.  They were fun and laughed a lot.  The littlest one, oh he melted my heart.  Yes, he was just so cute and I wanted to hug him...the whole time.  Of course I couldn't do that...he's a boy number one and really they only except so much of that mushy stuff.  ;p  I played it cool though.  Maggie, you are beautiful.  Loved how you loved on your boys and it was so fun chatting with you.  You have such a beautiful family! 

Enjoy a few pics from that evening! 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Laughter, sunset and a sweet couple...

There are some sessions that end up being filled with laughter.  Yes, this couple laughs easily and were so fun to just hang out with.  I met them at a wedding I did earlier this summer and loved being able to capture just the two of them.  Then you add that beautiful soft light...makes for a very sweet session for me.  Enjoy a few pics from that evening.