Monday, January 31, 2011


So fun to hang out with this family again!  You might remember them, or Bristol in her sweet tutu from a previous session. 
      Did I mention that I love being around newborns.  Watching them can notice the details.  Their little tiny hands.  Or their chubby cheeks...that soft hair that makes you want to snuggle in closer.  And that particular unique new smell that they have.  I really just enjoy being around them.  And Eldon, was so sweet.  Loved holding him and rocking him.   His parents could not have been more laid back.  I might have tried a few poses that didn't work out so well for the Dad (lets just say, diapers are a necessity for some shots)...BUT he rolled with it...just like any seasoned parent would. ;p  So enjoyed them.  And their ability to let me rearrange their house without blinking. 
     Sweet Bristol!  So much energy.  She was my buddy.  And L.O.V.E.D. my little wood floor that I brought with me.  Yes, in fact, she did not want to get off it.   She enjoyed rolling around on it...wheeling around a tonka truck on it...laying down on it with her little lovey.  Loved her.  And the expression in her sweet brown eyes.  Just a beautiful girl. 


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Engagement Session - Andrew and Sara! :)

So, the weather on this day...I kind of admit to watching it with a bit of annoyance.  It was gloomy and looked like it was about to snow any minute.  Not what I pictured for a romantic photo shoot.  BUT as soon as we got to our location the sun came out and seemed to glow on these two.  Yes, I said glow.  It was perfect and made me SUPER excited to start culling through their photos.  Beautiful these two.  Then you throw in their funny sense of humor...or basically their ability to laugh at me and my crazy ideas.  I might get a little too excited when I get the shot I want.  Just sayin.  Andrew was amazing with Sara...seriously.  Loved watching him help her, kiss her or carry her...what ...its romantic.  ;p  But you could tell he is crazy in love with her.  Sara, the same thing.  Its the expression in her eyes when she looks at him...impossible not to feel excited for them and their future.  Loved getting to know them both. 

(And Sara, let me just stop for a moment and say...I really LOVED your boots.  I SO wanted them and then you said you got them 2 years heart sank.  I know...its horrible. )

What possibly made this engagement session even more fun was their two boys.  Nicoli and Jonathan...while Nicoli was a little bit shy with me at first.  Jonathan, LOVED being my assistant and had quite a few ideas for Sara and Andrew to try out.  Yes, I see a budding photography career for this boy.   What I loved about these two, beside the fact that they are completely sweet and adorable, they are completely boy.  Yes, all boy.  They loved running, building, chasing each other with a stick...well, I loved watching them.  So much energy. 

This family is beautiful, sweet and crazy in love...all of them work together and make such a strong dynamic.  I really enjoyed being with you that afternoon and look forward to working with you again in the future!  Enjoy some of our pics from that day! 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Retro Vintage

So for this session...I was feeling the balloons, mason jar with big giant gumballs...that I might have used to coax a few smiles.  Pinwheels.  Basically, a happy and fun shoot.  Then you throw in the crazy beautiful Sarah and her sweet and handsome son Jordan.  Um, a day that was easy to get carried away.   Not that it takes much too but I was feeling it for sure. 

Sarah has a smile that will make you naturally want to smile back at her.   She lights up a room when she walks into it and is simply one of my dearest friends.  She's strong and so sweet at the same time.  Then you watch her with her boy.  Her little man I like to call him.  That fierce love comes out...its impossible not to see. And Jordan returns it right back.  Such a happy and funny little guy...loves to run around and you can't help but laugh as you watch him dart through wherever he's off to at the moment.  But the love these two have for each other...its precious and unique. 

Impossible to pick my favorite...but here are a few from that sweet vintage inspired afternoon...

Thursday, January 06, 2011

5 days new...

Sweet little tiny babies.  I love photographing them.  Yes, I do.  Its so sweet a precious...and hard.  Yes, its a challenge that I love.  And this family, you might remember a few of their special Christmas moments that I captured a few weeks back. 

Tim, a Green Beret, left a few days ago for another 6 month leave (a total of 9 months).  Such a sweet and strong Dad.  Such a strong family.  Because Jennipher is the same.  I think it takes both...a team to serve the country in such a way.  I'm proud of them and I'm honored to have been a part of some of their moments.  The part of me that wonders how can you do it...and I see it.  They do it because they were meant for this.  And when they are together...its happiness, laughter, joy, love...and family.  It means the world.  You don't take for granted what maybe we would with our everyday family life.  

Tyler and Bella...well, I think Tyler LOVES being a big brother.  He was so careful with Ethan.  So willing to give out kisses.  Loved him and his big brown eyes.  Such a sweet boy.  Bella, beautiful and a bit on the fence.  Yes, she loves Ethan but I could see the thought process...but wait, I'm the baby girl.   Loved her curiosity about Ethan. 

Enjoy some of our pics from this sweet and beautiful family.  Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your family for some special moments...that I will cherish.