Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Waldos Canyon and a little different side to G.O.G

I think that I really just enjoy trying things...or attempting to see something unique...I went out for a hike by myself to Waldo's Canyon...probably not my brightest idea...but it was fun.  And I'm safe now.  :)  Who cares if I passed a Hannibal Lector look a like.  Creepy guy...anyway, thats not what this is, oh having fun...with my camera.


Anonymous said...

Cool pix, only you Bets, only you could run into Hannibal the canibal and get away with just a glimpse. Don't underrate your sixth sense - it has proven to be quite invaluable... Glad you're taking the "protector & equalizer" with you now.

XO Daddio

elizabeth said...

You know, its true...which is why I got out of there pretty fast. Creepy guy...still gives me the creeps thinking about him. Jon was a bit upset after I told yes, now I have the protector with me. ;p

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