Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kate and her beautiful babies...

Okay, so technically, my nieces and nephews are not, they are not.   Everytime I see them I'm amazed.   So beautiful and sweet.  Kate is my sister.  My older sister.  The track star...beautiful, kind, funny, sweet, hilarious (oh yes, I said that all ready...but she really makes me laugh).  I remember in Jr. High, Kate is just really the coolest girl ever.  And yes, I would follow her around everywhere.  I'm sure it was not as cool to have a little nerdy Jr high girl following you around but she tolerated me.  I'd send her notes when she was in college and sign my letters, Z.  Yes, I'm cool I get that. ;p  And Kate would just go with that...oh funny times. 

Now, we both have kids and I feel like we are closer than ever.  Even though we live in separate states. I've had so many conversations with her where I end up having tears streaming down my face from laughing so hard.  Kate you make me smile! 

So did my visit with them go WAY TOO FAST.  Yes, yes it did.  From hiking, to movies, baskin robbin nights, pulling weeds, making them walk through really crazy ant hills to get great pictures (I didn't notice all the bites on my legs until I got home), losing my camera bag and having Kate ask random people for it...and don't worry we found it BUT I kind of almost had a heart attack...and then to watching Lanie make dinner for us...yes, I'm a cool Aunt like that.  I make kids cook for me. ;p  Actually, Lanie wanted to make an amazing salad for us....and it was awesome!  Ayden would set up treasure hunts for Hudson, Rylan and Kenzie...Josie would try and make me watch some random movie called "hot rod" while Kate would roll her eyes and say "lame".  I think I now have to watch it.  Love all of you and I miss you on a daily basis...and ps, for the rest of my fam...I miss you on a daily basis as well. :) 

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Joanna - Class of 2011 - Cheyenne Mountain High School

What did I take away from this session, about this beautiful girl?  She blew me away with how sweet, kind, funny, and respectful she was.  Yes, Jo Jo is in highschool.  That age...I remember it like it was yesterday...some of the best times in my life were in the year that Joanna is entering.  Senior year!  Just saying that when you were a was special.  You looked up to the seniors for years cool are they.  And they are...its just the way of life.  There is a certain freedom in that age that you just can't capture quite the same way at any other time.  The memories, oh so sweet.  So, Joanna, my advise to you...grab this year with all you have and just enjoy it to the fullest.  Such a great year! 

To describe her...long brown hair...beautiful eyes with so much expression.  Loved it when she would laugh at me (hey it happens often ;p) her eyes would express it.  Not only is she fun and beautiful but she's a great athlete!  Basketball player...yeah, she's tough like that.  And how could she not be a great basketball player with her mom (Lisa) coaching her the last several years!?   

So here are a few of our pics from that morning!  Thank you so much Joanna and Lisa.  You were both just a lot of fun to work with.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lightning, Thunder and the rain....

Colorado in July. 
What can you expect? 

Dark dramatic clouds.  Rain storms so big that you get a touch nervous watching them come in.  And yes, I watch them.  I feel so small.  And I often just stand in awe at nature just taking over.  The storms here are rarely the soft gentle rain...its more like fierce blowing winds, loud thunder and wow the lightning...its amazing.  Not to mention the annoying habit of crazy hail and the flash floods that happen quite rapidly around here. 

My fascination with stroms began with my Dad.  We used to live in a house where we made a garage a room.  And this was really just the coolest thing ever for all of us.  We would roll up the garage door and watch the storms.  My dad would tell me to count the seconds between the thunder and the lightning and that was how close the storm was.  I would snuggle into him and enjoy every minute of those storms.  Counting together.... and that was often our big entertainment for the evening.  And to be honest...I don't think you can top a thunderstorm.  They are just too cool.

So the other night, I got rained out for a photo session...but I really didn't want to miss out on snapping a few photos from my deck.  If you look closely in the first shot you can see Garden of the Gods in the lower corner.  Pretty cool...and for those of you that don't live in Colorado Springs...that mountain is Pikes Peak.   

Monday, July 19, 2010


Pregnancy...its so beautiful to me.  Well, it is when I observe someone else going through it.  :)  There is a certain protective nature that comes out in the mother, father and really most strangers who walk by or rush to open the door to help out a pregnant mama.  A certain awe about the fact that a woman is carrying a child and nurturing them before they enter the world.  All the dreams that you carry and hold during that small short time...its just to me a protected safe and beautiful time.  I loved that part about pregnancy.  The curiosity about what your child will be like, who they will love and what they will be when the grow up.  I know that these emotions are not just limited to pregnancy, its just what I can relate to. 

So this beautiful pregnant mama that I had the honor of photographing last Friday  She is stunning.  Long brown hair with green/blue eyes (can't decide which).  Not only is she incredibly beautiful but she is funny, sweet and kind!  What a cool, cool lady.  Kristen has two beautiful babies at home Copeland and Ryker  and is expecting TWIN boys, Sawyer and Emerson...I am simply loving this families choice in names.  Unique and cool at the same time. 

Back to last Friday...there was something about the sun and this beautiful stunning pregnant all worked perfectly.  Either that or the sun just graces this woman wherever she walks.  Thats probably it.    Here are a few of our pics from that beautiful night. 

Monday, July 12, 2010

A Sweet Southern Family

So I found out first hand this past week that the rumors are true.  Southerners really are sweet.  If the accent doesn't get you right from the beginning, than the hospitality will just make you wonder why you don't live in the South.  Seriously, they were that surprising for me.  But back to the accent for a moment...this may sound weird but I really just wanted to sit and listen to them talk.  It was a soft southern sound, next to my awful Chicago accent I felt uncivilized.  But maybe I sound really cool and retro to some.  No...okay well, at least I can dream.  What a fun family!  Camille, Matt, Brit and their dog boon...after Daniel Boon they told me.  Why I didn't catch that right away I don't know.   They offered me a glass of wine, offered me dinner...just wanted to stay and hang out with them for the evening.  This session was unique for me to see a family interact in their own setting.   Dinner time is one of the main activities so it was fun to watch everyone be involved.   Camille was grilling, Matt was chopping total gourmet style onions and Brit was baking a cake.  And Boon was hanging out waiting for one of them to drop something...really anything.  Poor little dog. ;p  So yeah, southerners will invite you in, wine and dine you and look amazing while doing the above.  Amazing family!  Enjoy some of our moments. 

Monday, July 05, 2010

City of Blinding lights...ok, so maybe Colorado Springs.

Have you heard that song by U2...the City of Blinding lights.  He's talking about New York of course.  One line from it..."Oh you look so beautiful the city of blinding lights."  I think the city its vibe, its energy, well, I think it offers a perfect backdrop for a photo session and parts of it are beautiful to me.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE wide open spaces with beautiful sunsets and fields of grass but the city makes me feel a part of  something man made.  Part of a work in progress.  Contemporary.  Or it could just be my Chicago roots coming through and a part of me will just always love the city.  This photo session was more about me...I really wanted to get a particular shot of the city in a blur with my beautiful models (a.k.a some of my closest friends) crisp and in focus.  Capturing the movement of the city.  I love that they are so supportive of me and my crazy passion for photography.  You may recognize them from this session....titled Happiness.  Mike also used to work downtown so he knew a couple places to go explore.  Mirrored elevators, beautiful hallways, garages...sounds weird that I would find beauty in some of these things.  Because really they are simple.  But, and this is where my fans on facebook would know this about me...I love lines...I love architecture, I think they offer a great way to lead your eye right to the point of the photograph...yes, Mike and Kris in this instance.  Also, I like the contrast of subject.  Just really cool.  :)  Such a fun night. 
So back to Ken and Barbie...oh I mean Mike and Kris. ;p  They do look like that though don't they.  And I guess that used to be their nicknames in highschool.  Fitting still.  And how fun that they were highschool sweethearts and are still crazy in love with eachother now.  Love it.  And I love that I get to be a part of their life.  So, enjoy our moment in the city...I know I did.  ;p