Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kate and her beautiful babies...

Okay, so technically, my nieces and nephews are not, they are not.   Everytime I see them I'm amazed.   So beautiful and sweet.  Kate is my sister.  My older sister.  The track star...beautiful, kind, funny, sweet, hilarious (oh yes, I said that all ready...but she really makes me laugh).  I remember in Jr. High, Kate is just really the coolest girl ever.  And yes, I would follow her around everywhere.  I'm sure it was not as cool to have a little nerdy Jr high girl following you around but she tolerated me.  I'd send her notes when she was in college and sign my letters, Z.  Yes, I'm cool I get that. ;p  And Kate would just go with that...oh funny times. 

Now, we both have kids and I feel like we are closer than ever.  Even though we live in separate states. I've had so many conversations with her where I end up having tears streaming down my face from laughing so hard.  Kate you make me smile! 

So did my visit with them go WAY TOO FAST.  Yes, yes it did.  From hiking, to movies, baskin robbin nights, pulling weeds, making them walk through really crazy ant hills to get great pictures (I didn't notice all the bites on my legs until I got home), losing my camera bag and having Kate ask random people for it...and don't worry we found it BUT I kind of almost had a heart attack...and then to watching Lanie make dinner for us...yes, I'm a cool Aunt like that.  I make kids cook for me. ;p  Actually, Lanie wanted to make an amazing salad for us....and it was awesome!  Ayden would set up treasure hunts for Hudson, Rylan and Kenzie...Josie would try and make me watch some random movie called "hot rod" while Kate would roll her eyes and say "lame".  I think I now have to watch it.  Love all of you and I miss you on a daily basis...and ps, for the rest of my fam...I miss you on a daily basis as well. :) 


jen said...

your best shoot and series of pic's.
by FAR.
you captured them incredibly naturally and beautifully! LOVE the compilation pic and the pic of a+r jumping and of j+l laughing...seriously good stuff yess! :)

Kate the Great: said...

Oh my gosh...I love all these pictures!! I want to say this is your best work yet but then it would be like I'm bragging about us...but seriously...we look awesome!! I loved our visit and it did just go way too fast. We'll have to set up treasure hunts again for them when you visit here next time!! Fun times!!

Steadfast Ahoy! said...

Once again, as always, you have captured the essence of the people in your pictures. No wonder some ancient cultures were/are afraid of the camera. Beautifully done. Rosemary

Lindsey said...

GREAT pics Bets:) Seriously Love the editing on them! Of course, your subjects were just a little bit gorgeous:)

TL Ling Photography said...

They look so great!! I can't believe how big everyone is getting.
Great work, Betz. Your stuff just keeps getting better and better!

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