Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Shannon - Class of 2011

Miss Shannon...super fun girl who loves to laugh when I tell her to make a serious face. ;p  Made me want to laugh right a long with her.  

Shannon is a super busy girl...loves cross country (all though she admitted not at first), swimming and this is the really crazy cool part...She builds robots.  Yes, she is a mini engineer in the making.  How cool is that?  She is part of a robotic club (I think that was the name) at her school.   

Had so much fun hanging out, laughing, posing her (this made her laugh a lot ;) and just getting to know her.  What an all around quality girl you are. 

Wishing you the best this year and many more to come!  Thank you so much!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Urban Love...Part 2

So yes, this is the much anticipated part 2 of this sweet engagement session. ;p  For those of you that missed part one, click on vintage love

Urban...well, they love the city life, walking (you have to love walking if you want to live in the city...its just a fact...and no, you don't want to wear the cute boots with 3 inch heels that I wore), eating out, finding crazy artistic displays...basically, a busier pace.  So they are now the urban love for me...

We drove up to Denver...because, this is important.  This is where Kory proposed to Stephani.  Fireworks, millions of people, views of the city...the perfect spot to propose to his love.  Yes, I think so.  And when she said yes, a round of applause ensued from the few that just couldn't help themselves and watched.  I might add, that I would be one of those that would watch and totally start clapping as well.  Hey, its a beautiful moment to see.  Wish I would have been there for that part. 

We walked all over Denver...capturing special places...you will see the bleeding heart.  You actually had to time the shot because the lights go off every few seconds.  And my lovely little flash decided to not work until the END...the very last shot...it decides to go on.  Sweet.  Nothing like a little improv.  But Kory and Stephani could not have been any more fun...freezing and holding REALLY REALLY still while cars zoomed by them...me getting really excited and SAYING I GOT I GOT IT.  Oh man, I'm such a dork and I don't even care.  But I think my enthusiasm won them over.  Soon we were trying every place we could find for the still shots.  Super fun day for me.  Good luck to the two of you!  Here are a few shots from that night! 

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Nelson's

Let me start by saying I love this family.  Yes, I've known them for quite awhile...Kris (you've seen several posts starring Kris, Mike and of course my adopted (oh yes, she's mine...) ;p niece Hayley) is one of my closest friends.  She's more like family for me.  And through that I got a job working for her Dad...Dr. Nelson.  Yes, I used to be the office manager of Nelson Orthodontics.  And PS, if you are looking to get the most beautiful smile in CO, I would suggest Nelson Orthodontics to anyone.  You will see as you look at the photos...it looks like a colgate commercial with all those beautiful smiles. 

So yes, working with Dr. Nelson and Kris and occasionally Cheryl...was fun and they always made me feel a part of their family.  From the lunches, christmas parties, driving up to the woodland park office, it was just simply, an amazing time for me.  Through that I got to hear all sorts of really crazy stories about Lee and Kris growing up...oh yes, serious, FUNNY stories about the two of them.  Lee would have no problems duking it out with Kris and Kris in return no problems running to Dad.  After she swiped a few at Lee might I add, and then Lee...poor Lee having to do pushups or some other crazy type of punishment.  I think it makes me laugh because it sounds very similar to how I grew up.  Only, it was Josh (my little bro) getting in trouble.

So here are a few photos from that morning...


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Vintage love...Part 1

So I'm calling the first part of this engagement...vintage love.  Because, well, they wanted my antique couch(that just makes me way too happy to use in a photo session) and its in a field...and they love each other. ;p  So its vintage love. 

Kory and Stephanie, super fun couple who loves... indie music, hiking, eclectic finds, downtown Denver, and of course each other.  Wishing you both the best!    Loved hanging out with them for the evening and capturing some fun moments.  The first part of their session was in Colorado Springs and the 2nd part to be shown later, in Denver.  (psst, this is where he proposed to her)  But more of that later... 

I thought it would be fun to surprise them with a custom made  champagne label designed by Kreatid with their names and date of their wedding.  This ended up being SUPER cool and really, a nice touch to their session.  Thank you Kreatid! 

So, while I'm pouring the champagne, another couple came over to admire AND ask to sit on that sweet couch of mine...yes, this happened.  And...to make an offer...hmm, should I or shouldn't I?

Oh, that just made me laugh.  But just reaffirmed my love for my sweet antique couch.

Enjoy some of the pics from that evening...

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Justin - Class of 2011 - Palmer Ridge Highschool

Loved working with Justin and his mom Teresa.  They are both so kind, sweet and laid back.  The whole session I would suggest something and Justin would just take it all in stride.  I did have to say "blue steel" a few times...I was worried he wouldn't know what I was talking about and then I would be feeling super old.  Phew...not yet, at least for that movie. 

This was also fun because I got to go to a SUPER freezing but cool ice rink...hockey rink, in particular.  Justin is a hockey player...really good at it too!  He's been playing since he was 3 years old.  And his team won state last year!  Awesome. 

I admit as I'm going out there on the ice...I'm thinking, "don't fall, don't fall, don't fall" and a few times, I think Justin was thinking the same thing towards me.  Hilarious.  BUT, I did not fall...and this ended up being pretty fun! 

Good luck this year Justin!  Hope your team wins another state championship!  So here, are a few pics from that session! 

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Wes - Class of 2011 - Palmer Ridge High School...Part 2

So yes, Wes, gets two parts to his session. 

Why...well, you may remember him from a previous post.  The sweet bridge, rain...and the session WAS awesome BUT no sunshine.  A must...because Wes, is simply a super funny and a sweet guy.  Really, he is.  You can kind of see it in some of these photos...but he's laughing at me.  Shocking I know because I'm seriously so cool. ;p  

For some reason, with Wes, I end up either scaling large bridges or running up barefoot a steep rock wall (my flip flops really are not made for climbing walls).  But...in my defense, the best shot was the one that we took because we climbed that wall. 

Justified.  ;p 

Wes, you simply, make me laugh.   Love your style, your sense of humor...and I wish you the best! 

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Chad - Class of 2011 - CSCS

Chad...hmm, soccer player/model.  Thats my first impression.  Okay, he's not really a model but he has that surfer, abercrombie and fitch look going for him. 

What's interesting is that he has a lot going for him...he's great at soccer (he didn't tell me that, his mom did) , his team won state last year!  He's smart, kind and giving.  He volunteers some of his time over at a camp during the summer.  How cool is that?  But whats interesting is, he's humble.  A character trait I find...beautiful and rare in most people.  He is part of family that loves him, cheers for him and supports him...obvious in the love between Chad and his mom Joy.  For me as a photographer, I see brief glimpse of someone...or impressions you could say.  Chad and Joy, cool people in my book. 

Super fun to hang with you guys!  Good luck this year Chad...