Saturday, September 18, 2010

Urban Love...Part 2

So yes, this is the much anticipated part 2 of this sweet engagement session. ;p  For those of you that missed part one, click on vintage love

Urban...well, they love the city life, walking (you have to love walking if you want to live in the city...its just a fact...and no, you don't want to wear the cute boots with 3 inch heels that I wore), eating out, finding crazy artistic displays...basically, a busier pace.  So they are now the urban love for me...

We drove up to Denver...because, this is important.  This is where Kory proposed to Stephani.  Fireworks, millions of people, views of the city...the perfect spot to propose to his love.  Yes, I think so.  And when she said yes, a round of applause ensued from the few that just couldn't help themselves and watched.  I might add, that I would be one of those that would watch and totally start clapping as well.  Hey, its a beautiful moment to see.  Wish I would have been there for that part. 

We walked all over Denver...capturing special will see the bleeding heart.  You actually had to time the shot because the lights go off every few seconds.  And my lovely little flash decided to not work until the END...the very last decides to go on.  Sweet.  Nothing like a little improv.  But Kory and Stephani could not have been any more fun...freezing and holding REALLY REALLY still while cars zoomed by getting really excited and SAYING I GOT I GOT IT.  Oh man, I'm such a dork and I don't even care.  But I think my enthusiasm won them over.  Soon we were trying every place we could find for the still shots.  Super fun day for me.  Good luck to the two of you!  Here are a few shots from that night! 


TL Ling Photography said...

I LOVE these! It looks like you guys had so much fun. Especially am a fan of the first one and the colors. Great composition.

jen said...

the first one and the last one are stunning! great work! :)

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