Monday, October 04, 2010

Time to get your party on...hello emporiium

Candy, parties, um super creepy displays of halloween love, trick or treat, costumes... a few things that I LOVE about this time of year.  Its the start of the madness you could say.  ;p 

emporiium...oh yes, we have a new line out right now...come take a look

Your party, its all in the details...and emporiium is definitely rocking it this season...

"have a fangtastic night"

                                   "my other car is a broom"

                                                                      "happy halloween"

From water bottle labels (IBC rootbeer works just as great. ;p  ) to  cupcake toppers and party favor boxes, pumpkin decorations, napkin holders...basically, everything YOU need to throw the coolest party on the block.  

The colors, the design hmmm, how to describe...simple, modern, chic... like I said...coolest party on the block.  Make your party stand out this year with small touches of personality.   Come take a look at our store emporiium...let us know whats your favorite!  :)


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