Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Egan and his cool parents. ;p

Edgy and cool.  First impression...not sure why.  But I get them. ;p 

Shannon and Josh love the great outdoors.  I mean love it.  They mountain bike, snowboard, rock climb...I would have totally done the rock climbing thing but um, not such a great climber.  I can picture that...seriously, it would have gone badly.  

Such a beautiful day for this fam!  Egan with his piercing blue eyes...they are intense blue.  Such a boy.  Loved running, jumping, throwing a football with his Dad.  Loved him!  But when the brought out his super sweet bike...he just lit up.  I couldn't believe how fast he could zoom around on that thing.  Such a fun time hanging with this fam!  Enjoy some of our pics! 


jen said...

LOVE the b&w one of him...SUPER handsome kid! and the three of them on the fence is perfect for holiday cards! great shoot! :)

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