Monday, October 25, 2010

Adelaide and her beautiful family...

Adelaide, oh yes, what a beautiful name to go with a beautiful girl.  You see, love at first sight. 

I knew I wanted to photograph her from the very beginning. 

Its that hair...I'm jealous of it.

Is that weird to be jealous of a two year olds hair?  ;p  But I think, she fell in love with me as well.   Yes, I wanted her to walk with her parents, and no, she wanted me to come with her and hold her hand or to carry her.  Love!  Not only does she love me, yes, I mentioned this, but she LOVES necklaces, headbands...girl after my own heart.  I had a few to bring and she just wanted to wear all of them.  All four of them.  It was an interesting look.  ;p 
Her parents, Laura and Chris.   Super laid back couple who laughed easily.  Laura showed up after a yoga class...(she's the instructor!) looking BEAUTIFUL completely, I'm jealous of that too.  Sigh...

So, the weather, it was a bit gloomy until they showed up...and then the sun. Amazing how it can create such a soft and beautiful look to a photograph. Enjoy some of the fall pics from that afternoon!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Brown eyed girls...

Colors...I love color.  And this family showed  up with these bright and bold colors that go perfect with the sweet backdrop of fall.  The location...Turkey Creek Ranch in Fort Carson.  Absolutely stunning place.  Big, tall trees with all their bright yellow and red leaves...a beautiful barn, trails to get lost in for the late afternoon, and then on the way out...a huge fenced in property holding about a dozen horses...roaming this wide prairie...with the beautiful Colorado Mountains in the background.  Sigh...what a sweet place for me. 

And this family, well you might recognize them from a previous session.  I entered a nation wide photographer's  contest (Becky Higgens Photography giveaway) and this family won!  Such a sweet story and its why I chose them.  Kari's hubby is in the miliatary and is often gone for 6 months to a year.  His girls, Katlyn and Kinsey are crazy about him... Such a beautiful and sweet loving family.   He's still away but will be back again in the spring. 

Love the energy, the happiness, the horses, hay...yes, I get hay fever but it was worth all the itchy red eyes that happened on the drive home. ;p    Here are a few pics from that late afternoon!  Thank you to Turkey Creek Ranch for letting us use your beautiful ranch for a backdrop!  :)  Can't wait to bring my kids back. 

Monday, October 18, 2010

Love, beautiful family love...

Fun.  Really how I would describe this family.  They have an energy about them...especially Rachel.  Running, climbing, telling me jokes (and yes, she is the different voices she uses.) Ask her about turtles someday...and you will have a really funny story on your hands.  ;p  Sweet and a bit shy least she was for me.  But she was so happy to follow Rachel...anywhere.  Loved watching the two of them.  Lindsey is also a bit of a daddy's girl.  So sweet to see her snuggle with him. 

Both Chad and Jill greeted me with huge smiles and were just ready to have some fun.  My kind of session.   I also LOVED the way the two of them spoke to eachother, hugged and just seemed so in love.  Beautiful to me.  Jill is expecting baby number 3...girl or boy...hmm.  I'm curious.  ;p  Rachel and Jill want (but would be happy either way) a boy.  Chad...Jill mentioned he would be super happy with a house full of girls.  How cool is that!? 

The day was perfect...beautiful warm fall day.  And love...yes, love is apparent in this family.  Enjoy some of the pics from that morning! 


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A vintage suitcase and a sweet, sweet family

The winner of my mini session giveaway and photo flip book (Heritage Makers - Jan Stamm ) on Facebook...I took their pics this weekend!  Such a fun and sweet family.  Got them up nice and early for a very COLD morning.  Okay, so it wasn't THAT cold but my hands were.  Thinking I need to start sporting some fingerless gloves.  How cool will that be?!  :) 

Sweet little Arianna was dressed in a super cute trench coat, warm boots and the cutest HAT ever.  Made by her mom, Nicolette, Stitched with Love.  I loved it so much I'm ordering one for Kenzie!  Love hats and secretly want to be a hat girl...yes, I admit to this.  One of these days I'll be rocking a sweet news boy hat.  Or something like that...

The suitcase that you will see in these pics...a treasure I found.  Love that...and lately, one of my favorite things to do is to find sweet treasures that add just a touch of charm to your session.  Who knows what it will be next time? 

So here are a few pics of the lovely Harmon family! Congrats! :)

Tuesday, October 05, 2010


So, I am all about love.  Yes, yes I am.  Its the beginning of the WONDERFUL amazing next few months of HOLIDAYS. 


Psssttt...I am currently running a freebie mini session on my facebook page that includes a FREE photo flip book of your session.  How cool is that?  Cool . ;p   Just need to be a fan of me on facebook and the lovely Jan Stamm (aka my super cool mom) Save our stories in Books fan page....AND then you need to go to my discussions on my facebook page and tell me what your favorite holiday is and why.  I'll be doing a drawing this Friday morning!  Oh yes, are you feeling the love yet?

Okay, so aside from the freebies...this post...ahh, love.  This will be my first post on my new blog!  Love it...and a special SUPER awesome SHOUT out to Miss Shalon from  Pretty Lovely Design for making it all happen.  AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!    The details, the late nights...I saw some of her post times on her 3 AM.  YIKES.  But some people are night owls!  :)  Love you and your design thank you so much Shalon! 

My first pic, for my first post... on my new blog...

Monday, October 04, 2010

Time to get your party on...hello emporiium

Candy, parties, um super creepy displays of halloween love, trick or treat, costumes... a few things that I LOVE about this time of year.  Its the start of the madness you could say.  ;p 

emporiium...oh yes, we have a new line out right now...come take a look

Your party, its all in the details...and emporiium is definitely rocking it this season...

"have a fangtastic night"

                                   "my other car is a broom"

                                                                      "happy halloween"

From water bottle labels (IBC rootbeer works just as great. ;p  ) to  cupcake toppers and party favor boxes, pumpkin decorations, napkin holders...basically, everything YOU need to throw the coolest party on the block.  

The colors, the design hmmm, how to describe...simple, modern, chic... like I said...coolest party on the block.  Make your party stand out this year with small touches of personality.   Come take a look at our store emporiium...let us know whats your favorite!  :)

Friday, October 01, 2010

Erik, Katrina and Lena!

Backdrop, beautiful mountains, fall air, sunset and a field of tall grass (oh yes, by now you know its my favorite).  Loved the lighting for this family! 

Miss Lena...oh Lena is a doll.  Literally, she looks like one.  Perfect beautiful skin and these big brown/hazel eyes that light up completely when she smiles at her daddy or mommy.   I was smelling this little flower I brought for her and then she would imitate me...oh she made me laugh.  What a cutie!  And she is FAST...this girl could move.   She's at the age where everything I mean EVERYTHING needs to be touched, smelled and then promptly put in her mouth.  Oh yes, this made for some fast moves by her parents.  I forget how scary and fun this age can be for this very reason.  ;p 

Each family has its own dynamic...there own way of loving, communicating and responding to eachother.  I feel so blessed to be a part of moments that capture special times like this.  So fun to hang out with you all!