Monday, March 28, 2011

Colorado Springs Family Photographer - The "W" Family

Beautiful, sweet, funny and kind family.  Seriously, loved being around them.  From the very beginning, through email,  Laurie was funny and sweet...  Hayley, the youngest, loved watching her talk with her older brother and reminded me of me with my sisters growing up.  The baby and SO loved, so protected.  This whole family just seemed to enjoy teasing eachother...and I laughed so much watching them do just that.   Laurie loved making Terry laugh or 

Taking pictures of them, it was as if they were used to it.  So relaxed and completly at ease with me.   Austin, you have some serious mad skills with your guitar and hope that you take that with you...wherever you go. 

Here are a few pics from that sweet sunny afternoon...


jen said...

LOVE the individuals of the kids...the one of the blonde older girl looking straight at the camera is simply STUNNING! great job! :)

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