Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Colorado Springs Family Photographer - Beautiful

So love this family...I met them last year at a previous session.  They have a way of laughing, smiling and interacting with each other that is simply easy to be around.   I loved watching Crystal with Ryan...just that special look that says she is happy.   Remi and Courtney...oh they make me laugh.  So adventurous...climbing running, posing...yes, little Remi is pretty at ease with posing for me.  Loved both of them and their sweet personalities.  

What I loved about this session, well, its so obvious to me that Crystal is one loved woman.  I did a session giveaway a couple of months ago...and  over 300 people voted for her to win!  That's a lot of friends and family cheering this woman on.   And its easy to understand it...seriously a sweet and beautiful person. 

Enjoy some of our pics that afternoon! 


Anonymous said...

So, I feel silly that I never thought to do tht couple pose where they are looking at eachother on either side of the bridge! Love it...!

elizabeth said...

Thank you Cristy...sometimes just a different perspective to help you see something new. :)

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