Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Colorado Springs Family Photographer - The "D" Family

Love this family...beautiful, kind, sarcastic...yes, Jon you know you are.  They so made me laugh...and really, I just enjoyed hanging out capturing this fun family.  Jack and Nora...seriously CUTE kids.  Nora would have so much to say and LOVED smiling for the camera.   Jack, had to warm up to me at first...but as soon as I made him race like a super hero he was smiling, laughing and chasing his sweet sister around.  

Becca and are GORGEOUS!  Just sayin...  The way you would love on your babies, laugh with each other...or just talk about life...there is simply a warmth about you both that was fun for me to watch and be around.   

Enjoy a few of our pics from that morning!


TL Ling Photography said...

So good! and I kept driving by that cool sculpture and CC thinking it would make a could photo spot- I meant to tell you, but you thought of it anyway! I love them all- especially the first one.

elizabeth said...

Thank you Tami! Yes, love downtown Colorado Springs! :)

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