Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Colorado Springs Family Photographer - Soft Sunlight and a sweet family

Such a beautiful family...not just because they are pretty on the outside.  But because of the way the interact with each other and with me.  Kindness, love, laughter...I associate those characters with this family.  This is the third time I've been able to photograph them.  And I feel blessed for having met them.  Mike, is in the military and was home for two weeks (after having been gone for a year!!!).  He took his family to Disney land...loved on them and then allowed me to capture them.  Yes, and he did really well might I add. ;p  He left again and will return in December. 

I look at this family...Kari and her sweet girls...and they are rocking the military life.  I mean, strength, Independence and love for our country is given each and every time they smile and say its what we do.  Its how we live.  I admire them.  I admire their ability to be such a strong family unit with all their sacrifices they make.  So this is me saying THANK you for being a family I can look up to.  Thank you for your dedication and loyalty to our country.  You guys rock in SO many ways. 

So enjoy just a few pics of that beautiful morning...


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