Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Colorado Springs Family Photographer - A sweet Christmas mini session

Did I mention I love Christmas?  Well, if I haven't I do.  I love the colors, the happiness...yes, I really feel happiness when I see homes so beautiful decorated with either store bought amazingness or homemade memories with families.   Its so special to me when I get invited into someones home to capture some of that. 

This family, I met them last year...and have been taking their pics ever since.  Grace even made me pictures and a thank you letter (she's in kindergarten and is LOVING the ability to express herself ;p ) and Chase and Brooklyn sweet twins who are ADORABLE.  Then you add Bridget and Neil, completely in love with their kiddos...its just a special session that I look forward too. 
 So enjoy a few of our pics from that afternoon.


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