Thursday, April 28, 2011

Colorado Springs Newborn Photographer - Eliza - 7 days new

This family...sweet, southern and beautiful.  That's how I think of might remember them from a previous session, click here.  The same inviting and homey feeling for me with this session.  Camille had Eliza  a week before and was offering to cook for me while I took pictures.  Seriously, beautiful and cool woman.  Matt and Camille were happy and so laid back...laughing at each other or the little tiny things that Eliza would do.   Its so special and fun for me to be a part of such a new beginning.   

 Eliza, her face is stunning.  So petite and perfect.  Tiny beautiful features and so feminine at just one week.  Look out Matt and Camille.   Loved that Camille painted her toes hot pink.  Adorable and still makes me smile thinking about this sweet little one.   Sweet Eliza...I wanted to make her fold into tiny little positions...for the most part she would let me.  And then she would stretch out her legs...straight out or up...depending on where she was.  So funny and sweet. 

Happiness for me...yes, I so enjoy sweet little newborns and Miss Eliza did not disappoint.  So, enjoy some of our pics from that morning.  

Monday, April 25, 2011

Colorado Springs Family Photographer - The "L" Family

I am one of those people that secretly wants to rub pregnant bellies.  Yes, I said it out loud.  And as a mother I know just how annoying that can be when you are expecting...but you forget. ;p   To me, a sweet pregnant belly is beautiful.  The woman carrying the child, yes, I find them even more beautiful.  And part of me believes that if you rub a belly you get good luck.   Oh, and this sweet woman, Katrina, is simply stunning.   Tiny woman all pregnant in the middle.  How do some woman get so lucky?  The glow, the complete adorable belly and a beauty that just makes you catch your breath.   Loved being around her. 

Her hubby Erik, loves her completely.  They just seem to have such an easy time together...laughing, mostly at me but still, I'll take it.  ;p  They compliment each other so well.  So excited for there next phase of life. 

And Lena, such a daddy's girl.  Her face would light up when Erik would try to get her to smile...loved watching them together.  My favorite moment, when she kissed Katrina's sweet belly...yes, love.  So apparent in every photo.  Such an amazing time with this sweet family...and I so look forward to  meeting your sweet little new one.   

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Colorado Springs Newborn Photographer - Sweet baby Abbygayle

Hello, sweet and beautiful, soft and precious.  Sigh...I love babies.  the itty bitty ones, the roly poly ones...
And Sweet Abby did not disappoint.   Such a laid back and relaxed little one.  I wanted to hold her and rock her and just stare at her.  I can't believe how tiny and complete she is.  Beautiful. 

Her sweet sisters, so full of energy and life.  Rachel wanted to be my assistant, Lindsey wanted to tell me all about her sweet hippo.  There eyes so expressive and sweet.  I think Lindsey may be a touch on the fence about Abbygayle but she loves her.  Rachel, loved touching, hugging and kissing her.  So fun for me to watch them with her.  I think the best for me though, was when we wanted a few shots with their Dad, Chad.  Yes, this was the best.  Holding oblivious Abbygayle (slept through it all), Lindsey and Rachel wanted to climb all over him.  And Chad, he just laughed, and loved them right back.  What a sweet moment for me to see. 

So for me, Jill and Chad, watching them tease each other, help each other and laugh together...such sweet love...and for me to be a part of it, it just made me happy.  Simply a happy memory for me in remembering them and laughing right a long with them.  A couple so strong and obviously in support of each other...

Thank you so much in having me capture sweet Abbygayle's new beginning in her life!  So precious and beautiful to me. 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Love letters, vintage cameras and sweet love

This was, by far, one of my fav sessions of the year.  For a lot of reasons...but one of them is that Andrea is one my close friends.  From the beginning I got to see how Tim and Andrea's relationship unfolded.  And yes, it might have been a themed party.   Which made it all the more perfect.  Because Andrea LOVES party's.   A match from the beginning because Tim does as well.  ;p  I remember sitting with our friend Kris, and we declared, yes, declared that Andrea was going to marry Tim.  Yup, I'm that good.   

 But on a serious note,  they are simply, great for each other.  There is a sweet balance between the two of them that I loved watching.  The way the look at each other, talk, hold in love. 

The theme, for this engagement, vintage love letters.  Yes, we had a theme, but for a couple who loves themes this was perfect.  ;p  Andrea has old love letters written by her relatives.  Love letters or love post cards.  SO cool to see them.  And what a blessing to be able to see love from another generation like that.  How unique and special!  Tim, also another photographer, (click here to check out his work) brought sweet vintage cameras.  Loved the flash...just added the perfect touch to their late afternoon session.  

My sister, also the graphic design/photographer behind kreatid designed a vintage champagne label for them.  Loved it!  And it was so fun to see their faces as they saw it.  Thank you Jen! 

So, you could say, a picnic, love letters, vintage cameras and a beautiful, in love, couple made this session one of my fav's this year.  Yes, you could say that.  Enjoy some of our pics from that afternoon! 

 yes, they were that excited to be getting married!  ;p 

*This engagement session was also featured on TML focus!  To check that out click here

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Castle Rock Family Photographer - The "B" Family

Loved this session.  They wanted to have an in home family session...something that I so enjoy.  A couple reasons why, for younger children you have everything they need.  The session showcases a little bit of your home and the personality...and its a challenge for me.  Yes, a challenge in that I need to hunt for pockets of beautiful light.  Yes, you've heard me rant and rave about natural light...but I love it.  A flash can never duplicate that soft look. Or if it does...I have yet to see it.  :) 

I love this sweet little girl...instantly wanted to show me her room, her toys, her favorite drawings, her sweet little brother, how she can sing the ABC's.  Yes, you can tell she was not shy at all.  Loved that about her.  Her sweet brother, oh how his face would light up looking at his Dad or Mom.  So precious, all that love wrapped up in such a tiny package.  Chad and Lisa...beautiful and sweet parents.  Loved how they played and loved on their babies...and then with each other.  Such a sweet family and I really enjoyed working with them!  Enjoy some of our pics from that morning. 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Castle Rock Photographer - The "B" Family

So enjoyed meeting Holly and Chad and their sweet daughter Cameron.  Beautiful and sweet.  

We met at a sweet barn, one of my favorites and had a close call with the park ranger.  ;p  We really wanted to get some pictures with the train tracks that ran right next to this sweet barn...and we may have gone off trail to get there.  A BIG no, no.   A few nervous laughs later with the sweet park ranger and we were back on our way to their photo session.  I can honestly say, this was a first one for me...and I felt a bit rebellious for it.  In a good way. laughing.   

Cameron...adorable.  Seriously, mega blue eyes, soft blond hair and a funny little personality.  She loved making a pirate face and saying Arrrhhh to me.  I know you just said it.  

So enjoyed hanging with you guys!  Enjoy some of our pics from that afternoon!