Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Colorado Springs Family Photographer - The sweet Bennett fam!

First off...love this fam.  Yes, I've done a few other sessions with them and each time I leave with a smile on my face.  They are laid back and simply laugh a lot.  A couple of my favorite things.  ;p  But what was sad about this session, Jeremy got a job in California.  So this might be my last photo shoot with them  in CO.  I say might because I might actually have to go to California and do a beach session....for sure that will have to be in the works.  Also a sad day for me because Savannah was my local seamstress.  Yes, she makes BEAUTIFUL and funky clothes for children.  I just might be having her make a newborn blanket for me right now.  Yes, that might be happening.  :)  
What a beautiful place for us to shoot though!  Right next to the beautiful and so unique Garden of the Gods.  Loved the open space feeling and the texture of this really cool and funky old bridge.  Then Miss Bristol with her big brown eyes and curly hair and her BRIGHT and beautiful clothes...loved everything about her.  Eldon and his gorgeous smile and blue eyes.  The way Jeremy and Savannah would look at each other laughing at me...yes, this happens a lot.  But I'm laughing too so it all works.   Beautiful session for a beautiful fam...enjoy a few of our pics that evening! 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Family, my nephews and grand adventures...

Let me just start this post by saying I love my family.  I mean, I deeply love them.  Yes, I said that.  ;p  I have two older sisters and a younger brother.  Each of us are married and hopefully soon my bro and sister in law will be adding to the mix of fun kids...oh yes, I said that too. 

We are a pretty tight family and each of us I feel would do just about anything for each other or our kids.  The sad part for me is that all of my family lives in AZ...so I get to see them...just not as often as I would like.  So when Kate said, I'm coming to Colorado I WAS SOOOOOO happy. 

Loved the quality time I got to spend with her and the boys...that's what I call them...Aydan and Rylan.  Hiking, parks, penny arcades, the Manitou Incline (SUPER FUN!) and treasure maps that my nephew made for the younger kids.  Yes, he is SUPER creative like that...actually had a little map with X marks the spot.  Their big brown eyes are hard for me to resist...yes, super sweet and high energy loved being around them.  Kenzie and Rylan...she calls him one of her best friends.  And watching the two of them attempt to collect bugs or play some random game of pretend cats and dogs...I can see that bond and I hope that its still there years from now. 

  Its that part, the part of being a family that I love.  That I'm close with my sister, that my babies are close with her babies...it makes me smile and love being part of such a unit.  Even miles away.   Love you Kate...love your family and can't wait to see you in October!  :) 

So here are a few quick photos I snapped of my super sweet nephews!  :) 

Monday, August 22, 2011

Denver Family Photographer - Blue Eyed sweet baby girl...

Oh my goodness...sweet Brynlee.  She is absolutely A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.  Yes, I fell in love with her the minute she looked at me with her sweet blue eyes.  She would laugh and run around...so curious about life. 

And she is absolutely in love with her Daddy.  Always had to have Shawn in sight or would show him every little thing she found.  And Breanne...you are beautiful.  You and your little mini you Brynlee.  Such a fun and laid back family. 

So enjoyed hanging out by a gorgeous creek with huge trees and this sweet family...enjoy a few of our pics from that afternoon! 

Friday, August 19, 2011

Monument High School Senior Photographer - Austin - Class of 2012

Pretty much love working with high school seniors.  Yes, I do.  Because of the confidence...the natural ability to just trust me.  Not too jaded yet in life you could say.  And I love their enthusiasm. 

Austin, completely blew me away with his maturity, his humor and his ability to just be in the moment.  Usually a hard concept for most.  Loved getting to know him! 

Austin is a crazy talented football player from Lewis Palmer...so excited for him and for all the possibilities in life.  Enjoy a few of our pics from that late afternoon...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Puppy love...oh yes, puppies. ;p

So, Judy called me one day and asked if I would be willing to do a session with puppies.  She breeds Labs...and I couldn't help but thinking that this would be fun for me!  And it was.  But we def. had to work hard for it.  ;p 

It was so hard not to accidentally walk away with one.  Loved them and their sweet little playfulness and that the next second they would be sleeping away.  So sweet. 

What I loved watching in particular is Judy's relationship with her oldest dog.  Such a sweet and trusting relationship...truly a bond that was beautiful for me to observe.  Simply love Judy and her excitement for life...Thank you SO much for having me take a few pics of your babies! 

So enjoy a few adorable pics of these sweet black labs...

Monday, August 15, 2011

Denver Family Photographer - Evy and Ethan

Oh my goodness...these sweet kiddo's are ADORABLE.  Could not get enough of Evy's brown curls or Ethan's big blue eyes.  You throw in a beautiful creek and big tall trees...and you have a super fun session for everyone.   I might have gotten splashed but it was so worth it.  And Molly, SO beautiful and yes, she laughs easily and her babies LOVE her. 

 Loved running, chasing and playing with this fam!  Enjoy some of our pics from that afternoon! 

Friday, August 12, 2011

Denver Newborn Photographer - Lily - 12 Days new

Oh my goodness...this sweet little girl is absolutely beautiful.   And she would TOTALLY smile at me all the time.  Yes, I was shocked.  The first picture I took of her is with her smiling at me.  What a cutie.  And her parents, first time, parents even...were so laid back and oh so proud of their baby girl.  So fun for me to observe.   
This session we took our time and just enjoyed being around the sweetness of a newborn.  Did I mention that at one point I was rocking her back to sleep and I tried to hand her off to her mom...Lily would wake up instantly because she new it was her mom.  So then I got to rock her back to sleep again...seriously, not tough for me at all to hold a sweet little newborn.  Absolutely precious and sweet for me to capture them.  Enjoy a few of our pics from that morning! 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Colorado Springs Maternity Photographer - Alyssa and her sweet fam!

So this was a crazy stormy night.  Yes, lightening and thunder...everywhere.  But it held off for just a little bit for us.  All we had to do is stand in the rain.  ;p  Which, actually they didn't mind at all.  We did this session in Adam's parents backyard...yes, this beautiful location is my clients.  A creek, beautiful landscaping, flowers and a huge forest.  Then you add, Alyssa.  Stunning.  Yes, that is how I would describe her.  Perhaps, what made this family so fun for me...was there ability to just laugh, relax and just enjoy some time with a crazy photographer snapping photos in the rain.  ;p 

Enjoy some of our moments that evening!