Monday, January 30, 2012

Castle Rock Wedding Photographer - {kellen & kelsey - engagment 2012}

Kellen and Kelsey have known each other over 6 years and could not be better suited for one another.  Loved watching Kelsey tease Kellen.  This couple so made me laugh and I felt completely comfortable with them.  Plus, shooting at this location...I love it.  A random red barn in a field that we can use at any time...makes me happy just being there.  ;p 

I had emailed Kelsey a few weeks prior to this shoot to ask if she had a cool quilt...I had no idea that quilting runs in the family and that she had several quilts that were special to her.  One of the pictures shows the quilt that her great, great, great grandmother made (not sure how many greats but a lot were mentioned) Beautiful to me to be able to use something so special. 

And PS you guys are both gorgeous.  Yes, super easy taking your pictures...and I can't wait for your wedding day with all your fun and unique ideas!  


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