Thursday, January 12, 2012

Colorado Springs Children's Portrait Photographer - Jordan

Okay...Jordan.  How do I describe such a full of life, mischievous, energetic, intelligent, adorable, sweet child?  Yes, how do I fully explain how much is packed into who Jordan is.  He is simply amazing to me.  Sweet and precious because of his relationship to me...he the son of one of my best friends.  Jordan, is a close friend with my daughter as well.  To watch him grow, to watch him laugh, tell jokes and become part of the man he will be someday...its exciting and an honor to be part of.    Every few days Sarah will update her status on facebook with some funny comment that Jo are a few examples,

"Jordan wasn't happy when I told him I wouldn't ever buy him light up shoes. He said "well that's fine, I'll jut buy men light up shoes when I'm older!" haha! Good luck with the ladies kid."

or, "Yesterday, I woke up to Jordan in my room lifting weights, then doing some sit ups and push ups. I asked him what he was doing and he said "this is exercising Mom, do you know what that is?" Ouch. The worst part is, he wasn't being sassy, he really was going to explain it to me"

Seriously, he makes me smile...and this session was no exception...enjoy a few pics from that morning!


Children Photo Templates said...

Excellent portraits. You captured some great expressions. My favorite is the photo of the young man sitting by the tires. Very nice!

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