Sunday, May 27, 2012

Lillian | Colorado Springs Newborn Photographer

There is something about little newborns that continue to make me love what I do more and more.  Holding sweet Lillian was precious to me.  Something about it that renews and refreshes me...all in just holding and working with a newborn.   Newborn sessions really require the most work out of me but I am usually left feeling happy for the parents.  Its a contagious feeling...that sense of awe that comes with your newborn child...and watching Katie and Adam with was beautiful.   Yes, I knew they were tired...aren't all newborn parents ;p , but the overall sense of love wrapped around sweet Lillian...its precious.  A different and unique time...those first few weeks.  And that is the part that I cherish.  Being able to observe that.  Brings back so many sweet memories with my babies.



Altax said...

Lovely family, cute pictures and awesome photography. :)

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Kirsten said...

Just amazing! These pictures are gorgeous!

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