Friday, June 29, 2012

Jeff & Sheva | Manitou Springs Engagement Photographer

Gorgeous, fun couple.  Yes, we toured downtown Manitou and looked for the eclectic and the unique.  For texture and for beauty...and I feel we ended up with all of that and more.  Manitou is such a beautiful place.

 I still laugh a little about their session...only because at the beginning I mentioned to Jeff that he looked like Adam Levine...and I might have been thinking that the whole time and at one point called him Adam.  Both Jeff and Sheva laughed with me...uh, or at me. ;p But either way it made me smile.  Sheva, without a doubt you are stunning...with the bluest eyes and long blonde hair.  BEAUTIFUL!  So fun to watch you with your man.  Loved this session and this couple...I am really looking forward to their wedding in the fall!  Enjoy a few of our pics from that day! 

This engagement session was featured over at Hitched.  If you would like to see it click here Jeff and Sheva.