Sunday, September 30, 2012

Scott and Gina | Preview | Chicago Wedding Photographer

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Megan and Grace | Colorado Springs Portrait Photographer

Grace has a smile that is about a mile wide and an enthusiasm that makes you want to laugh.  I just love her.  She loves cinderella, her super fast shoes, exploring and playing hide and go seek in the grass while jumping up and surprising me.  Oh yes, she is sweet and so fun.  Loved watching Megan love on her and laugh with her.  Super fun session for me! 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Creekside Inn | Sedona, AZ | Austin and Shauna | Preview of a Wedding

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Conclusion to a gorgeous family session | Colorado Springs Family Portrait Photographer

This Mom had some sweet style going on.  Just needs to be said...loved the choices she made for this family's session.  Long gone are the days of all white shirts and blue jeans or all black for that matter.  I always tell my clients that variety but coordinated shows that each family member is unique but also part of a team.  And makes for a timeless photo in my opinion.  
I absolutely loved this family though.  So sweet and willing to hike around a wet field with me saying...oh the light its gorgeous.  I can only imagine conversations that take place after a session.  ;p  But here are a few pics from that sunny morning...

Monday, September 17, 2012

Conclusion to a Riverside Engagement | Aaron and Brit | Colorado Engagment Photographer

Happiness.  Its a word that describes how Brit and Aaron react to each other.  Watching the two of them...laugh with me, at me ( I truly amaze myself sometimes at my quirkiness...and I admit that it often creates laughter in my clients...a win/win for me.  ;p  ) or at each other.  Whether it was a look or comment...there was definitely a sense of ease and contentment.  

And can I take a random moment to say...Brittany, I LOVED your shoes.  On my must have lists now.  ;p   

They brought with them a journal that they have been using for the past few years...thoughts, quotes,  funny moments (I might have seen a few drawings in there that made me laugh) or words of encouragement...this journal is a written story of their journey, their relationship.  And we wanted to use it for part of their session.  What a great idea to have this...those precious and so easily forgotten moments documented...its something I intend to start with my hubby.   

The perfect location...yes, this was the perfect location.  Beautiful Colorado mountains next to a gorgeous river and open fields...ah, makes a photographer's heart happy.   Loved the quite space...and being part of this sweet couples day.