Monday, September 17, 2012

Conclusion to a Riverside Engagement | Aaron and Brit | Colorado Engagment Photographer

Happiness.  Its a word that describes how Brit and Aaron react to each other.  Watching the two of them...laugh with me, at me ( I truly amaze myself sometimes at my quirkiness...and I admit that it often creates laughter in my clients...a win/win for me.  ;p  ) or at each other.  Whether it was a look or comment...there was definitely a sense of ease and contentment.  

And can I take a random moment to say...Brittany, I LOVED your shoes.  On my must have lists now.  ;p   

They brought with them a journal that they have been using for the past few years...thoughts, quotes,  funny moments (I might have seen a few drawings in there that made me laugh) or words of encouragement...this journal is a written story of their journey, their relationship.  And we wanted to use it for part of their session.  What a great idea to have this...those precious and so easily forgotten moments documented...its something I intend to start with my hubby.   

The perfect location...yes, this was the perfect location.  Beautiful Colorado mountains next to a gorgeous river and open fields...ah, makes a photographer's heart happy.   Loved the quite space...and being part of this sweet couples day. 


Brittany said...

We can't thank you enough for capturing such a special time in our lives in such a beautiful way. We are so blessed by your talents and have such a huge appreciation for who you are:) Thank you!

jen said...

I love the "love" journal...too cool! gorgeous set! :)

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