Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tim Darcie Jess

Super fun day yesterday!  Tim, Darcie and Jess...a family...part of my family.  Yes, Darcie you are my adopted family...these are people you just like being around.  Especially when they are all together.  It was fun watching them interact...laughing, smiling, punching eachother, posing...running up hills, letting me boss them around...huh, I think I liked that...anyway, thanks for letting me tag a long...had fun hangin with you guys. 


jen said...

your inbox is a lie. :) don't doubt...keep at it and keep creating AMAZING photographs like these...I love you and am so proud of you!

T. L. Ling Photography said...

These pictures are really amazing. They are not only done well artistically but they really capture the moment. It makes me weepy because I really miss Tim, Jess and Darcie after looking at them. That says a lot- to make your audience feel the emotion in a photograph is a gift! Keep using it girl.

Darcie said...

Way to go! I love these A LOT, Betz. Really, You are great to work with and I love the way my family looks a little like rock stars! Oh - and I adopted you, too :)

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