Sunday, January 31, 2010


So, I called a couple of my girlfirends this past week to see if they would be in for a photo help me win a contest.  :)  I heart faces is giving out an awesome lense to the winner...and well, you can't win unless you try...
Before I go into a shoot, I try and think about what I want to reveal.  What I want people to feel.  For me, I wanted to show the ease in a relationship.  I wanted the laughter, the fun and the closeness that these women feel towards eachother to be demonstrated.  What I wanted to convey to eveyone looking at these photos is that women are important.  Your relationship to them.  Whether that relationship is with your mom, sisters, daughters or friends who have become family...I wanted you to think about them.  Girlfriends in my life...I've had a lot of seasons of them...and I can remember each of them in my life and how they helped me.  I've held secrets, laughed, cried, shared losses, shared heartbreaks, done crazy things with (I won't mention them...but I'm sure you know what I'm talking about) defended them, fought for them...basically, I love that relationship.  My girls...and just so it is noted...these women that are shown in these pictures are very important to me...but I also have other friends/family that could not be available for these photos...and you are also important to me. I thought of you during this shoot.
Okay, now to the competition part...which one is your fav...I'd love to hear...I will post the pic that wins the most votes for the competition!

Okay, the photo above was for fun...Sarah's idea...and I think they kind of look like they should be on the cover of major selling CD...HOT!  :)

Hands...I told you...I just love them...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

"showing the world what you see"

I'm stretching myself to control my camera and where it takes me...which means shooting in M for manual mode....sigh...its a challenge.  I had it down today...or so I thought until I came home and realized I shot all my pics in ISO 800...which means its got some noise (i.e. grainy pics).  At first I was bummed...and then I decided, I like it.  I'm going to roll with it.  On top of a good day of learning more about my camera, I met an older man today.  He was about 75.  While I was taking pics, he pulled his car next to me and decided to chat it up.  He has been a professional landscape photographer for the last 50 years.  What a cool man...we talked about his experiences, his camera...which he actually handed over to me to shoot with.  A Canon 5D, pretty sure thats a 3000 camera or more...he told me, "keep it up...keep showing the world what you see"  I was completely charmed.  I hope one day I'm as cool as he is...anyway, enjoy the world I saw today. 

For some reason this one was my favorite...I loved the simplicity of it.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Just found another fav location...exploring is really, way too much fun!

All I have to say is, Colorado Springs rocks.  Seriously, there is so much diversity here.  Beautiful grasses, mountains, trails, streams, rocks...oh yeah, that reminds me.  We found the coolest place today.  My kids and I headed off trail and found this really neat little cove of rocks.  No dangerous cliffs... :)  Very important...and awesome was fun.  I enjoyed my morning with my kids.  Watching them explore reminds me of when I was a kid...such a fun care free age. 

yes, those are some crazy mittens she is wearing...they are mine...and it was cold out. :)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Texture - I ♥ faces

So, I am part of a photographer's forum called I ♥ faces and they do photo challenges!  And if anyone knows me they know I LOVE challenges.  I almost didn't contribute because I was thinking I don't have photoshop...but what I do have is a shot of some awesome texture that artists created using twigs.  Crazy amount of creativity went into these little tree forts.  And of course my kids loved running through the trees...anyway, enjoy a different look at texture! 
Check out other photographer's work at

Saturday, January 23, 2010

hmmm, beautiful chair revisited....

In my in laws backyard lies a beautiful stretch of property that is overgrown with tall grass, beautiful yucca (yes its a weird name) pine trees...and mountains...I love it.  And everyday at 3:30 I sit an stare at it, and thinkwhat awesome lighting...and then I think I want that chair out there, with the sun at this time. And use my babies for my models...perfect.  So Jon, dragged the chair up their and helped me out...anyway, I enjoyed myself and I think the kids had fun as well...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A really cool red barn...

So, I guess, I just love this barn.  I don't want to live in, def not that.  But I think I just like the age of it.  I've driven by it on my way to Castle Rock and always, thats just cool.  So today, we went and checked it out.  Thats fun for me.  Seeing new things...looking at different environments...just a natural explorer I guess. :)  Anyway, its another location that I would love to take pics of a family near it.  Add's a different look to a pic. 

The hubby grabbed the camera and took a pic of here I am. ;p

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Because I wanted to...

I think that I get a bit edgy if I don't go out and use my camera.  I really just enjoy it.  So if I've gone a couple of days without taking pictures...then you will often find me searching for a new location...and I found one today.  This little tiny church always amused me and made me curious as I drove by today I decided we would just go and see what we saw...

these next few have a new font...if you have an opinion on font I would love to hear it! 

Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Red Wagon...

The finale of our photo shoot...went outside to enjoy the crazy weather of Colorado.  I love the red wagon that we used...Kate's mom bought that for Charlie to use this summer!  Very fun and I'm sure many happy memories for Charlie, Kate and Chris to come with that wagon.  Kate had so many fun ideas for this photo shoot and it was fun to work with her...and super easy as well. 

okay, so I can't seem to go away from a photo shoot without a shot of them...

Friday, January 15, 2010

Kate and Charlie...

Today, without a doubt, was fun and very special for me.  I have been friends with Kate for over 15 years!  So getting to see her interact with her beautiful, energetic and fun son Charlie....was AWESOME.  Kate is an amazing Mom...I love that her love for Charlie shows in every picture with him.  Love you guys!  More to come tomorrow...Beautiful outside pics!