Thursday, November 18, 2010

Family + Annie (their dog) and the forest.

Annie is the name of their beautiful dog.  What caught my eye about her is her relationship with Ted (the father).  Unique...or what you would classically call the "bond" they have.  Annie...really LOVES Ted...and vise versa.  Man's best friend...I always thought it was kind of a myth.  But you could actually see the expression on her sweet face.  Loved watching them.  It was def a challenge to get her to look at me and not Ted...I tried whistling...jumping up and down.  Nope, she just wanted to gaze into Ted's eyes.  Made me laugh...and I loved her for it. 
This was a fun session for me to interact with adults for a change.  I could be as bossy as I wanted (okay, I wasn't bossy...but I could have if I wanted to) 
We did our session in their backyard and beautiful deck! Loved their house...and the backyard...seemed like miles of big pine trees ( a forest you could say. ;p ) Austin, Addison and Adam...super fun and once they got used to the idea of me being there (I can picture the "ah dad not family pictures" moment)...they had all sorts of ideas to try out. And that is what I enjoy watching...this family loves each other and they just had fun!


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