Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I went to this photo session...with a bit of a heavy heart.  I admit it.  You see, my husbands car had gotten broken into that morning...so my thoughts were distracted.  But as soon as I got to see Miss Soleil again, well, I guess you could say it was like sunshine to my day.  Soleil is a beautiful and very shy little girl...BUT she totally warmed up to me.  I may have had to quack like a duck (yes, I've been known to do some unique things) but the best part...glitter.  Yes, her face lit up like it was the best gift in the whole wide world.  I told her it was fairy dust.  I can still see that sweet smile of hers when she had it in her little hands...and then all over her face.  Whoops...should have thought of that one.  

So, this little girl will forever be that sweet part of my day...enjoy some of her pics!


jen said...

love her little lips blowing the "fairy dust"! too cute! :)

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