Thursday, December 09, 2010

Blue eyes....

Okay, yes, the title is interesting.  BUT in my defense, seriously, this family has amazing blue eyes.  And its one of the first things you notice.  Then, you are startled by how beautiful they all are.  All around beautiful.

This session was unique because it was in Arizona and I got to shoot with kreatid again.  Something I love to do.  There is just an energy to creatively working with her!  I'm super jealous of this amazing location...the "love" shot.  I can so picture that being a client fav in Colorado.  And it just so happened to be a beautiful day in the 60s in November.  I know, crazy.  So it was nice not to be freezing while doing a photo shoot.  :)

Seriously, what a fun afternoon working with the super talented kreatid!  Thanks so much for asking me to hang out and shoot with you on this session.  :) 


Judy said...

Amazing!! WOW ...... those blue eyes are piercing!! The twins are adorable!! Love the colors too!

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