Friday, December 10, 2010


I'm laughing because I'm having a super serious hard time in figuring out where to I talk about how Jen and Matt have been together since 7th grade...or do I talk about how Jen is with out a doubt one of my closest friends.   Do I tell you about all her deep funny secrets that she would SO kill me for later...or do I talk to you about her family and how close they are.  Do I even dare and tell you that I had a mini crush on Matt when I was in 7th, I won't share that.  ;p 

I'll simply tell you who Jen is to me.  Jen is my sister.  My beautiful green eyed sister.  Killer eyes.  She has a laugh that is so contagious you can't help but smile thinking about it later.  She is the girl who will look me in the eyes when I have tears streaming down my face and say " yes, I love you, and yes life is tough but you'll get through because I know you can."  She's the pusher in my life...when I want to be safe and secure she asks me, "what are you waiting for... go for it"  

And my sister is a spaz. know you are.  ;p  And I love that she is...100 million different hats she wears and she does them each with amazing talent.   She is a mommy to, two amazing beautiful kids.  Micah and Maddie.   And my kids ADORE fact my daughter Kenzie is growing out her hair to be just like Maddie.  Micah...he is just cool.  Don't tell anyone, but he has AN amazing voice...yes, he does.  And Maddie...I love that she loves to snuggle.  I could hug her and play with her hair...and she would let me for as long as I wanted.  Miss them...and love them. 

Matt is hilarious.  A perfect match for Jen.  Seriously, loved watching him interact with Jen .  His kids adore him and its so fun for me to see him love on them right back.  Matt and Jen are people in my life who I know I can share the deep and nitty gritty things in my life and know that they will love me and challenge me to be better and stronger.  And I value it. 

To put it in simple terms...this family means the world to that I got to hang out with them and take a few pics of the crazy super talented photographer behind  kreatid.  Yes, I love them...enjoy some of our pics! 

 and yes, I will leave you with what perhaps best displays this families personality..


janet said...

Stunning photos! Wow...just loved the way you captured the Driesbach know you have to share these with your old Mom, right? Jen is the Sophia Loren of our family...exotic beauty, yes?

TL Ling Photography said...

Ahhhh! These are great!! fabulous- really!

jen said...

yess? you are amazing at what you do and I am so choked up now...I love you TREMENDOUSLY and LOVE that I have these beautiful pictures. what's more they were taken by one of my most favorites in all the world. I love you and thank you for the encouragement and love. :)

Wendy said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love seeing pics of the photographer who blessed our family with the Littlest Heroes gift :)

She's truly beautiful inside and out.
Such a beautiful family!!!!!!!

Kate the Great: said...

Gorgeous sister...beautiful the depth of their eyes you captured. So nice to see all four of them in a picture of their own!!

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