Monday, December 13, 2010

Good times..

 A couple of weeks ago I got to hang out with this super sweet family...who just happen to be good friends of Jon and me.  

Its always fun for me to take people out of our usual context and put them into a new one.   One where I'm in control...ha.  But they goofed around, had fun, made up stories of foo foo the bunny (I might have asked them to make up a story for their kids) and  they seemed to just enjoy being with their family!   Naomi and Caleb...beautiful and sweet kids, I loved running around with them, jumping and searching really quietly for foo foo in the grass.  Oh yes, we did this.  ;p  
The day was crazy cold...but the sun was shining, location was beautiful and a super happy family makes for a great shoot in my opinion.   Enjoy some of our pics that morning!




jen said...

love the last one! too cute! :)

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