Thursday, December 30, 2010

Client Love - A collection of pics from 2010

So, its the end of the year.  Yes, I just stated the obvious.  ;p  But its the time of year that I love to reflect on the WHOLE year...the ups and downs, the challenges, the failures, the successes.  And I'm walking away from 2010 with an overwhelming feeling of being blessed.  I seriously, have some AMAZING clients.  Each of you have been such an impact on my life...personal and business wise.  It was fun for me to put together these collages because it brought back the memories of these shoots.  Some of you have become some very good friends of mine...and I cherish that. 

2011...hmm, what will it bring.  The curiosity always gets me...but then I blink and its over.  And that to me is a reminder to continue to dream, to be okay with failure and to love whats been given to me.  I'm so looking forward to it and hope to see your sweet faces again next year!  Thank you for such an amazing year!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Denver Newborn Photographer - Sweet little Preston

Did I mention that I love little brand new babies.  I mean I love them all...but at one point I was rocking sweet little Preston and it brought back all those sweet memories of holding my babies.  Even though Preston was asleep I just wanted to stay there looking and holding him. 

Then you throw in his big sister Avery with her big blue eyes and blond hair...oh I was smitten.  Seriously, wanted to hug and kiss on this families sweet babies.  Rory and Jim were fabulous parents with a great sense of humor.   Such a sweet and fast time having a newborn.  And I feel so blessed to have been able to capture a few of these moments.  Blessed because it allows me to relive those moments of my own even if for just a moment.  Sigh...the only problem is after I do a newborn session I start wondering if I'm really done.  ;p 

Warning...these pictures will make you want another little baby.  Just sayin... ;p 

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sugar cookies, toys and family...

I'm thinking about yesterday.  My family and all the fun Christmas traditions that we share with our kids.  Making cookies, singing carols, going to my in laws for a special breakfast. just makes Christmas so special.  To watch them smile and laugh...happiness for me.

And today, I'm also thinking about this sweet family that invited me into their home to take pictures of some of their Christmas moments, their traditions...and to capture their laughter.  This family, reminded me of mine.  The laughter, the inside jokes, the affection.  Tim and Jennipher, a beautiful couple and have such a great family that loves and supports them while Tim is away, protecting our country.  Its amazing to me to watch them, as if time doesn't disappear for 6 months..they are so happy and I loved being a part of that.  Their kids so adorable and LOVED everything to do with Christmas.  I absolutely enjoyed watching them "help" make sugar cookies.  Makes me laugh just thinking of it. 

 Enjoy a few of their pics from that morning...

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Colorado Springs Photographer - Aleshia and Matt

How to begin...Aleshia and Matt...CLOSE friends of mine and my hubby's as well.  Part of a group that is so tight.   So close that we share our deep and scary parts of our lives.  The good and the tough times.   My kids love them...simply put they are a part of my family.  Love them.  Love who they are together and love how they interact with their kids.

 I wish I could explain their sense of humor...just sarcastic and they make me laugh a lot.  In fact, I might have been laughing quite a bit this session...just watching Matt.  Because he HATES getting his pictures taken.  So yes, I might have tortured him a bit.  In the end, worth it.  ;p 

Sweet little can see it in her eyes.  Such a sweet girl full of love...and I loved hanging out with her.  Brendan has a sarcastic way about him that I LOVE.  As I'm super sarcastic.    I was trying to be as cool as I possibly could...I think in the end all I ended up doing is looking like a dork.  Oh well.   

I also got to meet Aleshia's parents for the first time.  Loved them!  Because I come from a pretty big family...and we are all really close its part of the reason that I love observing other families.  I love seeing the inside jokes, the random hugs and the closeness that is just evident as it is with this one.

So here are a few of my fav's from this session!

Monday, December 20, 2010

"Tis the Season..."

I know I just made you guys sing the rest of that song...its catchy tis the season to be jolly.  ;) Or really any of the Christmas songs.  What a wonderful season to share with family and (okay, I admit it, sometimes the music is way overplayed), cookies, candle light services...its basically a warm remembrance to love each other.  Hold on to what really matters.
I so enjoyed this energetic and happy family.  Running around after Chase (his mom says its the PERFECT name for him ) or talking with Grace, she had so much to say and has such a big heart.  Or coaxing a smile out of sweet Brooklyn.  What a beautiful family in how they interacted.   Loved being a part of their day...enjoy some of our pics from that morning!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sweet Holiday Moments...

Christmas lights, trees, music, the parties and don't get me started on the food.  Seriously, January 1st I will be adding a new resolution. ;p 

But I love this time of year.  I love the colors, the togetherness that seems to surround Thanksgiving, Christmas and even New Years.  This session was just so fun for me for that reason.  Loved watching this sweet little girl hold an ornament or her older brother giving her a hug.  Simple and sweet...and really such a beautiful family.

Grace, well, I might have had to work with her a bit to get used to me.  We read books...oh but what really made her smile was being able to hold a Mason jar filled with Christmas lights!  Wish I had thought of this...what a creative idea and one I will so use next year.  But I loved watching her happiness...and through that watching her Mom, Genne, watch her.  And for me, at least, these are the little things that I treasure with my family.  The simple things...remembering that it is those hugs, those magical lights and family times that make for the memories that we hold on to. 

Thank you so much for inviting me into your home!  Beautiful...enjoy some of our pics from that afternoon.

Friday, December 17, 2010

The Quintana's

This family, I love them.  I had the privilege of photographing them in the spring.  Their girls at that time were SUPER shy with me.  But this time...they were smiling laughing, telling me stories...made me so happy!  Maybe it was the fact that their older brother and sister were with them this time.  ;p 

And Megan, she has a laugh that is so contagious.  In one of these pics (I still smile when I look at it) she's of course laughing at me as well as Dion, (but I prefer to think laughing with me) but I love it.  What a happy and beautiful couple.

Loved the older buildings, mixed in with this sweet family.  What a beautiful contrast.   Thank you so much for such a fun afternoon!  Enjoy some of our pics! 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Coby...yes, this sweet little boy.  With the bluest eyes and the sweetest smile.   His parents are fun and just ready to play and have a good time.  And oh yes, I might have been jealous of Melissa's really cool boots...I wanted to rush to the store just to get them.  ;) 

The day was super cold but we were warm in the fact that we got to chase Coby all around the park.  Yes, this little boy can run.  And I wish I could describe how he was like he was floating...and it just made me smile thinking about it.  What a sweet boy!  

This family was sweet, fun and really people I would enjoy getting to know better!  Enjoy some of our pics from that morning...