Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Monument Family Photographer - Kacy, Brad, Jamie and Caitlin

So fun to go to Fox Run for this session.  I loved walking around this location...reminded me of Illinois with all the creeks and trees surrounding a beautiful pond.  What a gorgeous place.  Then you throw in this fun family with their two adorable girls.  Such a great time! 

Jamie and Caitlin, loved laughing and walking through the creeks.  They had a contest to who could find the coolest rock or pine cone...lets just say they were very creative.  And made me smile...loved them!  Brad and Kacy, so laid back and loved to tease the girls or each other.  Such a beautiful and sweet family! 

Enjoy some of our pics from that morning...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Colorado Springs Newborn Photographer - Anja - 8 Days New

Anja, beautiful, delicate, feminine and sweet.  Yes, a newborn but all these words describe her to me.  Loved watching this sweet family love on her and on each other.  I've been working with this family for about a year.  Katrina and Erik, both kind and funny.  This last session it seemed they were on a mission to get to the "real" smiles and there attempts were making everyone laugh.  So enjoyed watching them with their babies.  Lena and Anja.  And Lena, LOVED walking around the room with whatever headbands I had laying around.  My favorite moment was when she held Anja for the first time.  Everyone was ready for her to be "done" holding her.  But she looked into Anja's face and kissed on her and I saw how fiercely she would love her little sister.  So sweet to watch. 

Working with sweet little newborns, its so rewarding.   Its a lot of work setting up and working with the newborn.  Then making sure they are comfortable...and its hot.  Yes, with space heaters, heating pads, heat bumped up...usually, when we are all uncomfortable the sweet little newborn is happy and sleeping away.  That's when time slips away and I get lost in watching and capturing sweet new beginnings.  I simply  love what I do.  And getting to hold sweet Anja was no exception.  What a beautiful little girl.  Thank you so much in having me capture these new moments for you! 


Monday, June 20, 2011

Colorado Springs Family Photographer - Linds and her sweet fam....

Lindsay is one loved woman.  Yes, its obvious to me...not only by her sweet man Jeff and  her adorable babies...but by her friends and family.  A couple of months ago I offered a giveaway to one family (ended up being two BECAUSE of all the crazy amounts of love and support for these two families).  It was so fun for me to see the sweet comments that her friends would leave on my facebook page for her.  So I couldn't wait to meet Lindsay...just knew I would like her.  And I did...she's sweet, funny and OH so fashionable.  Um, her shoes...I adore shoes.  And this woman did not disappoint.  ;p 
We went to one of my favorite places to shoot...the Red Barn.  LOVE it...so much going on in one location.  Of course, its not a place I share to the world...but made an exception.  Yes, love the contrast of the bright red...awesome sun and the bright green grass and oh so beautiful fam made for an excellent and easy session for me.  Jeff, was game (which I admit is rare for Dads) for whatever my random suggestions would be.  And Lindsay, who is a photographer as well (check out Forever Mine Photography), was easy to suggest poses for.   Jada...A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.  Loved her...her joy for life, talking, laughing, running....telling me jokes.  I really enjoyed her a lot.  Tayson...so curious about everything.  He especially LOVED throwing rocks...in fact it was tough to get him away from it.  Loved how he loved on his Mom and Dad.  

As you can see, this session was fun for me...  Thank you to all of you who made it possible for this sweet family!  Enjoy some of our pics from that morning! 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Colorado Springs Family Photographer - The "D" Family

So, first thing...I am in love with this location.  Time has lovingly been spent here...making a beautiful retreat for anyone.  Waterfalls, flowers, stones that you can walk across on this little pond.  And of course fish were in it.  Then you throw in the beautiful blue pots...its simply stunning.  And this was built by the homeowner and his wife...friends of my clients.  Basically, its a gardener's haven.  A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. 

Becky and Doug, simply a beautiful couple who laugh and love on their family.  And I have to admit, Doug looks a lot like the Transporter guy...just sayin.   They are both so laid back and extremely comfortable with having me take their pics.   Loved the way Doug would look at Becky...and then the reverse.  Beautiful for me to observe.   

Becky's parents also were a part of this session.  And they were so easy and quick to tease all their grand kids.  It was SO easy for me to be around all of them.  I felt the strong connection each of them had.  Loved this family, the location, the lighting...so sweet.  

Enjoy some of our pics from that evening....



Saturday, June 11, 2011

Colorado Springs Family Photographer - Grace, Brooklyn and Chase

Sweet sunshine and happy kids.  Makes for a super easy session for me.  Loved all the beautiful and natural landscaping this family has right around their home. 

Chase and Brooklyn, twins and have SO much energy.  Loved watching them laugh and love on their older sister Grace.  I was able to do their Christmas photos last year...and fell in love with Grace.  She is sweet, adorable and her hair is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!  Soft brown hair with the coolest, curliest hair.  Envy...yes, that's me..with the straight blond hair...always wanted to have curly hair.  ;p 

ANYWAY,  love this little family!  Enjoy some of our pics from that early morning...


Thursday, June 09, 2011

Colorado Springs Family Photographer - Matt, Glenda and Soleil

This session was REALLY fun for me.  Because, I've done 2 other sessions with Miss Soleil...and both times she was extremely shy with me.  But this session, she was smiling, talking to me and showing me whatever interested her at the time.   Progress and seriously, makes my heart melt when the kids genuinely enjoy themselves during my sessions with them.  Matt and Glenda...both beautiful and sweet and ADORE Soleil.  So sweet to see.  And Glenda...you are stunning.  Just sayin.  ;p 

We went to a little pond in Colorado Springs.  Its surrounded by weeping willows and various trails that lead to a small garden.  This place reminds me a bit of my hometown...where ponds, lakes and rivers can be found pretty much anywhere.  So peaceful.  And of course Soleil LOVED the ducks and at one point made a fishing pole for her...okay, so we pretended we were fishing.  But it was fun! 

Enjoy some of our pics from that late afternoon...

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Colorado Springs Wedding Photographer - Air Force Chapel - Beth and Jon

 Beth and Jon simply are an amazing couple.  I enjoyed watching them laugh, cry and celebrate their new life together.  The way Jon would look at Beth...such adoration and so much love between the two of them.  You can see it in their expression and in the way they move around each other. 

Beth, you are funny, kind and let me just say, GORGEOUS.  Laughing with your sisters as you were getting ready...it made me think of mine.  Teasing, crying and genuinely enjoying your sweet day.  I felt truly blessed to be part of this. 

Walking down the aisle with your Dad...I could not stop the tears and I'm sure I was not the only one.  Your Dad, so supportive of you.  But my favorite moment of you and your father was when you were dancing...your Dad can DANCE. 

What a beautiful and precious family you have...both of you.  So much support and love for your marriage. Thank you so much for the sweet and beautiful memories I will have of this amazing day. 

Air Force Chapel....amazing, beautiful and unique.  The lighting in here was stunning...the stained glass windows....the structure of the building so modern and gorgeous.  My pictures show just a piece of how breathtaking this place was.  Then you add the honor guard at the end...it felt like a fairytale...a princess marrying her prince.  Yes, I said this.  So beautiful for me to be a part of. 


Beth, you are ABSOLUTELY beautiful! 

You chose well Beth...just sayin.  ;p 


And lastly, one of my favorites from the day. The unbelievable look of love the two of you shared while dancing. LOVED being a part of your day and watching a true fairytale unfold in a real castle.