Thursday, June 02, 2011

Colorado Springs Wedding Photographer - Air Force Chapel - Beth and Jon

 Beth and Jon simply are an amazing couple.  I enjoyed watching them laugh, cry and celebrate their new life together.  The way Jon would look at Beth...such adoration and so much love between the two of them.  You can see it in their expression and in the way they move around each other. 

Beth, you are funny, kind and let me just say, GORGEOUS.  Laughing with your sisters as you were getting made me think of mine.  Teasing, crying and genuinely enjoying your sweet day.  I felt truly blessed to be part of this. 

Walking down the aisle with your Dad...I could not stop the tears and I'm sure I was not the only one.  Your Dad, so supportive of you.  But my favorite moment of you and your father was when you were dancing...your Dad can DANCE. 

What a beautiful and precious family you have...both of you.  So much support and love for your marriage. Thank you so much for the sweet and beautiful memories I will have of this amazing day. 

Air Force Chapel....amazing, beautiful and unique.  The lighting in here was stunning...the stained glass windows....the structure of the building so modern and gorgeous.  My pictures show just a piece of how breathtaking this place was.  Then you add the honor guard at the felt like a fairytale...a princess marrying her prince.  Yes, I said this.  So beautiful for me to be a part of. 


Beth, you are ABSOLUTELY beautiful! 

You chose well Beth...just sayin.  ;p 


And lastly, one of my favorites from the day. The unbelievable look of love the two of you shared while dancing. LOVED being a part of your day and watching a true fairytale unfold in a real castle.


jen said...

that first architectural shot of the the chapel is killer and LOVE the guard kissing shot of the couple...beautiful work! :)

Beth Brickey! :) said...

Elizabeth! You did an AMAZING job! Wow! I am blown away at your work, and your talent is so admirable! You are so easy to work with...even with my crazy big group of family and friends...hehe!
I will always cherish our special day, and I am so happy and grateful that I will always have the visual of the memories we made--all because of you! You captured my fairytale perfectly..... Thank you so much..xoxo

chambone said...

Wow! What a beautiful bride and fairy-tale wedding! Great job Elizabeth!

elizabeth said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comments. Beth...WOW made my day saying that. I appreciate it and loved your beautiful family! :)

Hilary said...

Elizabeth..thank you for capturing the wonderful memories on my aunt Beth and newly uncle Jon's wedding day. You are extremely talented! Blessings!

elizabeth said...

Thank you Hilary! You have some pretty sweet relatives! :)

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