Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Colorado Springs Family Photographer - A Sweet family and the Red Barn Christmas Mini

Cold...yes, its the season for bundling up.  What I love about it...brings out a lot of natural getting in close together shots...okay it might just because they are trying to get warm.  ;p 

Last year, I took pictures of this sweet family in their home.  Christmas lights and trees...beautiful.  This year, we chose to shoot at this beautiful red barn in Castle Rock.  Love the texture of it, the open fields surrounding it.  Its a gorgeous location.  This family SO rocked the cold weather and made some beautiful photos and memories.  Loved watching this family laugh and love on each other.  Remington their dog...was awesome.  He seemed always ready to bolt and chase some random bird.  

Enjoy a few of the pictures we took that afternoon. 


Judy said...

OMG'osh .... I love it!! You did another wonderful job with GEN and her gorgeous family!!

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