Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Colorado Springs Children's Portrait Photographer - Eliza

Sweet Eliza.  She is one loved girl.  Yes, one of the highlights to her session was Camille (her mom) and Eliza dancing to some country song that was playing...and I might have joined in the madness.  ;p  We were trying to get a big smile out of her.  And we did.  :)  But Eliza's favorite thing was to play games with her Mom.  So adorable and fun to watch gorgeous Camille play with her baby girl.  I love this family...I do.  I've been photographing them before sweet Eliza was born and its so fun for me to watch Eliza change and become even MORE beautiful than when she was as a newborn.  Hard to do.   Bittersweet, yes, this was a bittersweet session...found out this family will be moving in the near future.  Um, I travel to Germany.  ;p  Hint hint. 
Enjoy a few pics from that fun morning! 


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