Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Abby | Colorado Springs Children's Portrait Photographer sweet, shy and full of expressions.   To me her eyes express so much soul at just one.  Love that she would smile for pictures of animals, her mom or praise music being played on her mom's iphone.  Hey, whatever it takes right?  ;p  
Abby is so her older sisters, her Dad who calls her gingerflake...I kid you not.   This family has been with me for a couple of years.  And I've gotten to know them and their beautiful way that they interact as a family.  Laughter is a main source of activity for them.  
 I was able to do Abbygale's newborn photos last year and I could not have been more pleased to also capture her at one.  Enjoy a few pictures from that morning!  



Unknown said...

Thank you Betsy for the wonderful memories. You capture my children "just as they are," and that is why we love you.

I believe God gave you many talents, and you praise Him in all of your work.

And I just can't get enough of these! :)

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