Monday, October 29, 2012

A Red Barn and a gorgeous family | Castle Rock Family Photographer

Now this is a family that knows how to laugh and just let go of anything but being in the moment.  Coby and Kennedy (Tanya and Tony's) kids were so quick to smile and joke around with me.  Absolutely LOVED them for that.  What I found to be my favorite thing about them is how much I can tell they love their parents.  Coby hugging on his Mom and letting me see it in his expression or Kennedy looking up to her Dad  (her mom's words, "like he hung the moon") ...uh, seriously got me all sentimental and missing my fam.  I assure you I kept it together.  ;p  That is what I love about being a photographer...its when a family allows me to be part of that for just a moment.  To capture it...for me those moments are priceless.  Here are a few photos from that morning! 


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