Sunday, November 13, 2011

Colorado Springs Newborn Photographer - Ethan - 16 days new

Oh my goodness...sweet, round and absolutely adorable.  Loved this sweet boy.  He was my oldest newborn yet and quite possibly one of the easiest.  And by easiest I mean the easiest to settle back into a deep sleep.  The tricks...ah, we just had to rub his forehead, have at least three hands (me and the mom ;p  ) on him and make soft shushing sounds...oh yes, and the space heater softly blowing on him had to be on at all times.  Each baby has their own unique way of rocking their newborn sessions and I loved how sweet Ethan's turned out.   Enjoy just a few pics from his session! 


jen said...

favorite baby session! too sweet of a little man! :)

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