Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Jeff and Sheva | Spruce Mountain Wedding | Colorado Wedding Photographer

The ceremony took place on the mountainside, the sun was setting and I remember being crouched down low with my camera, just completely caught up in Jeff and Sheva's wedding vows.  I wanted to share a bit of them with you...I warn you will probably create a few tears...

When God allowed me to stumble into your life nine years ago, I not only fell in love with what little I knew of you then but, I trusted in the woman that you would become. I would have been so blessed only to say that I had known you, but then to go on to be humbled by your grace and your ambition, and now to have the honor of having shared our lives for this long, I am more grateful than ever to be able to show you the man I have become because of you.

I will always be your best friend and your greatest challenge, I will always protect you, and I will always respect your ability to protect yourself. I will help shoulder your burdens as mine, and I will allow myself to let you do the same for me. I will love you despite every scratch and dent you inflict on the car, and I will continue to crack jokes about how long it takes you to get ready. I will give you flowers when there’s no special occasion, and I’ll kiss you even though everybody is watching.

It is my vow to love you now and forever. Not in spite of difficulties, but inviting of them as opportunities to learn more about ourselves and one another as we continue to grow together.

I love you so much.

To Jeff

I am beyond grateful that God gave me the courage, strength and patience to pursue, follow, and wait for you when I was 18.  We've had quite the collection of adventures, good and bad in the last 9 years, laughing through them all.  I feel closer than ever to you and so blessed that you continue to encourage and inspire me every day.  I am so excited for what our future has in store for us!  we are un-stoppable.  You are my best friend, my support, my greatest challenge indeed and my greatest blessing. But more importantly, you have shown me more love and acceptance than I ever thought possible.  I love the person I am and the person I am becoming with you by my side.  I stand here today loving what I know of you and trusting what I do not yet know, and maybe I won't be able to stop the downpour, but I will always join you for a walk in the rain....

 What an absolute beautiful wedding for Jen (owner of kreatid) and I to be part of.  The day was wrapped around such a sweet couple and surrounded by their friends and family.  Jeff and Sheva opted to meet before their wedding so as to enjoy the whole day with their guests.  Its honestly a beautiful that is just shared between the two of them and allows an amazing amount of creative time for Jen and I to work with.  A photographers dream come true.  At the bottom of this post will be a link to all the amazing vendors that help carry out Jeff and Sheva's vision for their day.  You all amaze me! 

Location : Spruce Mountain Ranch
Wedding Dress: Something New Boutique
Floral Arrangements: Twigs and Posies
Hair Stylist : Kerri Royer of Colorado Springs Premier Medi Spa
Makeup Artist: Cesa Brooks of Perfect Angels Salon and Spa
Cake and Dessert Table: Indulge Bakery
Second most fabulous photographer and partner in crime for weddings: kreatid

Monday, October 29, 2012

Elena | Denver Newborn Photographer

Sweet, tiny, well loved.  Elena was 8 days new for her sweet newborn session.  This was one of my absolute favorite newborn/sibling sessions.  Yes, she has an older brother Ethan and an older sister Evy...but what was so sweet about them...they really really loved their sister.  And they were both so goofy that it was making me laugh a lot.  Elena is going to be so laid back.  Can't wait to hear the stories that will involve the three of them. 

A Red Barn and a gorgeous family | Castle Rock Family Photographer

Now this is a family that knows how to laugh and just let go of anything but being in the moment.  Coby and Kennedy (Tanya and Tony's) kids were so quick to smile and joke around with me.  Absolutely LOVED them for that.  What I found to be my favorite thing about them is how much I can tell they love their parents.  Coby hugging on his Mom and letting me see it in his expression or Kennedy looking up to her Dad  (her mom's words, "like he hung the moon") ...uh, seriously got me all sentimental and missing my fam.  I assure you I kept it together.  ;p  That is what I love about being a photographer...its when a family allows me to be part of that for just a moment.  To capture it...for me those moments are priceless.  Here are a few photos from that morning! 

Friday, October 26, 2012

Shove Chapel | The B Family | Colorado Springs Family Photographer

I don't know what it is about this family...but I laugh really hard every time I do their session.  Chad and Jill are extremely sarcastic...well more so with Chad and Jill so sweet she softens it with a laugh at the end.  My kind of humor.  Their full of energy.  And Rachel...seriously SO adorable.  Wanting to have her photos taken and pretty much let me do whatever it was I wanted.  Wish I could have her talk to my daughter about that.  ;p  Abby, her sweet brown eyes that completely lit up when Chad would throw her in the air or stop to give her a kiss.   She was in LOVE with my yellow chair.  Its just the right size for her...and I think she thought she was a princess in it.  Lindsey, so sweet and favorite moment, I don't want to do that because it might hurt my mommy's back.  So thoughtful.  Chad and usual, such a fun session for me.  Love your little family and I'm excited for the next stage for you all!